How To Buy Off-the-Rack Bridesmaid Dresses

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Off-the-rack bridesmaid dresses are good ways to ensure that you harness all the limitless possibilities in landing the perfect wedding wardrobe for your bridesmaids. Of course, the bridal gown is a totally different issue altogether and the premise is that the bridesmaid are stunning but not superior to the belle of the wedding ball. And most importantly, they have to be within budget. A good off the rack bridesmaid attire costs less than $200 and will accommodate even plus sizes. Here are the steps in buying off-the-rack bridesmaid dresses before the big day:

  1. Plan it as advanced as possible. Rush fees and lack of stocks are great hindrances to getting the perfect off the rack bridesmaid dresses that you want the most. Make sure that you also get the collective opinion of your bridesmaids on the motif and the type of dresses that you will be getting them for the wedding.
  2. Make the bridesmaid dresses compatible with your wedding theme. The theme of the wedding must not be compromised even in your quest of trying to save and make a flexible setup for your bridesmaids. The colors, the theme and other considerations must come into play as you try to find the right off the rack bridesmaid dresses together. Dress of a Lifetime offers a variety of colors for off the rack gowns.
  3. Have the bridesmaids' measurements handy. The measurements of your bridesmaids will help you instantly get the needed sizes from the store. It is best if your bridesmaids have pretty much the same size range as buying in bulk may be easier that way.
  4. Be open for alterations. A little nip and tuck here and there will be necessary in some instances. The dress may be perfect for one but may need some alterations to your other bridesmaid. Make sure you set aside some budget for alterations ranging from $20-$50.
  5. Check out highly recommended off the rack dresses. Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Macy's, J. Crew, Group USA, Jimmy Hjlem, Anthropologie and French Connection are some of the top off the rack bridesmaid dress recommendations and you may want to check them out before considering your other options for the dresses. Having ample time to canvass or taking an entire weekend off with the bridesmaids just to see what's available out there will truly help you make better choices among the many stores that offer this variety of bridesmaid dress.
  6. Try it on before the wedding day. The ultimate test is seeing how it all fits on each of your bridesmaids. Try it on before the wedding day and leave sufficient allowance for your tailor to make the necessary arrangements or adjustments until the big day.

The main principle of having an off the rack dress is that your bridesmaids can still wear them even after the wedding. This is really a wonderful opportunity to buy something that can really be used by your bridesmaids later, making it a very practical and joyous occasion. Aside from the usual wedding souvenir, the dress itself is something that they can positively remember you by.


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