How To Buy Over the Hill Gifts for Women

Forty is the new thirty! Despite their age, women of today now age with grace that you would only realize they have reached a 4-0, or even the big 5-0, when they actually reveal to you their real age. To some it is just a number, but turning 40 and above means having a new chapter in your life.

Middle aged women are quite different when it comes to their priorities and needs, in contrast to their priorities when they were younger. Reaching an age beyond the youthful years is not taken lightly or easily by some. A very special gift giving is definitely in order. So, a cell phone or flowers may not be enough to top the list for “Over the Hill” gifts for women. This article will provide you tips on how to buy over the hill gifts for your beloved woman.

  • If your lady has a sense of humor and would appreciate gag gifts, then better think of something that will make her smile to replace her contemplation regarding her age. Buy underwear in thrift shops and add it with cards filled with age-related jokes. Surely, she will find it funny.
  • Turn back time and let her reminisce, if she is the kind of person who likes reminiscing, introspecting, or storytelling. Make a scrap book of her from her younger years up to the present showing her how good her life has been going. You don’t have to be a scrap book fanatic to be able to accomplish this. You can purchase online for the materials if needed. If you want, you can include a dedication page so that your gift becomes very personal and unique.
  • Purchase toiletries that will help her look younger. Anti-aging facial creams and lotions are very useful to her. If you want to have some laughs, add a card and write some one-liner jokes talking about her age. This can be a very practical gift for an "over the hill" lady.
  • If she is into wines, then purchase a bottle for her. There are some labels that have “Aged Wine” written on it. Giving her this gift will send her the idea of your perception of her: like fine wine that tastes even better as it ages.

In buying gifts, take note how the woman will react to a gag gift. If she is a serious person and does not take getting old very lightly, then you might want to abandon that idea of a gift. Always think of the person you are giving the gift to when choosing a present for her, what she likes, what she needs, or wants and so on. If a person is very emotional and had a bad past, then probably a scrap book and other things that might be nostalgic to her is also a bad idea. When giving a gift, always put your heart into selecting or preparing it, and without a doubt your gesture will be very much appreciated. The simple thought is sometimes enough and no expensive jewelry, cars, or huge mansions can ever top that.


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