How To Buy the Right Barbie for Your Child

Dear old Barbie has always had controversy in her long existence primarily over her hourglass figure. Although it’s true that Barbie may give young girls the impression that a woman’s body should look like hers (Barbie) thus becoming a benchmark for body image issues later on in life, the bottom-line is that Barbie is still a lifeless doll. She is beautiful but lifeless. She is perfect but lifeless. The operative word here LIFELESS so then it becomes your job as a LIVING parent to explain this fact to your child.

To be fair, Barbie has evolved since its launch in March 9, 1959, which also marks Barbie’s Birthday. Mattel, Inc. Barbie’s manufacturer is in tune with the times and the feelings of women and parents that they have been steadily producing Barbie dolls that represent real women – meaning, less curvy, wider-hipped, rounder, and fleshier.

With all the choices out there, parents like you won’t have any misgivings about buying a Barbie Doll for a daughter who wants one as a gift. The question left for you now is how to buy the right Barbie Doll for your child.

Here’s how:

  1. How old is your child? Of course she’s got to be old enough to appreciate a Barbie Doll but her age will tell you if you will get her a Barbie Baby Doll or a Barbie Princess Doll. As mentioned, the choices are wide open and hundreds of Barbie Doll designs and styles will make your head reel so it’s smart to know what type to buy according to her age.
  2. What are her interests? Is she into sports, academics, music, dress-up, or pretend-I’m-A-Doctor role plays? For sure, there’s a Barbie Doll to match your daughter’s interest.
  3. Will this be her first Barbie or is this something that will be an addition to her existing showcase? In the case of the former, her first Barbie should be what all her friends are currently playing with. If it’s the latter, another Barbie addition should be something she doesn’t yet have in her room.
  4. What’s the occasion? A Barbie Doll can cost anywhere from $20.00 to hundreds of dollars so the occasion will determine how much you will spend for a new Barbie.
  5. Get your daughter to list down her top 3 Barbie favorites or must-haves. Along with this, ask her what accessories will come with it or better yet check this out on the Internet. Smaller accessories may not be ideal as these will surely be misplaced later on.
  6. Don’t buy a knock-off Barbie as this will really break your child’s heart. You may go for accessories and accoutrements that aren’t Mattel-made but never with a “Barbie Doll” doll, the moment she sees the pink box, she’ll know it’s real and when she doesn’t, well, you know what will come next.
  7. You must know that Barbie Dolls are made differently from each other. There are Barbie Dolls for collectors only and there are those that are meant to be played. Go with the latter, naturally.
  8. Finally, you can have your daughter’s Barbie Doll custom-made. This will make it truly special.

What if your son wants a Barbie, too? If this happens, there’s Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken to gift the little tyke with.


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