How To Buy Wholesale Baby Bottles

Buying baby bottles at wholesale can be beneficial in several scenarios. This can provide a lot of cost savings to someone running a daycare center. Buying bottles in wholesale can also result in savings if you have just given birth to multiples—twins, triplets, or even more. You can even do this when you’re attending a lot of baby showers, or if you run a business involving baby items or bottles.

Baby bottles are just one of the essential items that new parents will need. Given that an infant will need to feed every couple of hours or so, having the right number of baby bottles on hand will help in managing your resources.

  • Determine your child’s or children’s special needs. Not all bottles are built the same. Some bottles are meant for colicky children. Some are meant for slow feeding. Know the feeding habits of your baby or child, so that you can select a bottle or nipples accordingly.
  • Look for baby bottle sellers both online and offline. Some of these shops can sell you bottles wholesale at prices significantly lower than their retail price. Some examples are Dollar Days. This website sells by the bulk, but you can also purchase single items.
  • Look for reputable brands, such as Playtex, Avent, EvenFlo, and Born Free.
  • Look for the right size. Infants will usually require no more than 4 ounces, as they feed frequently and in small quantities. However, as they grow, the amount of formula they consume in one sitting will grow, too. Consider getting 9 ounce bottles as your child or children grow up.
  • Compare the wholesale prices against retail prices. See if there is a significant difference in the per-unit cost. For example, if two pieces of bottles from the wholesale case cost the same as a regular two-pack from the department store, then you’re not making any savings.
  • Ask if you can get discounts. Even wholesale sellers give discounts to frequent customers or for bigger orders. This can be especially useful if you are buying in bulk, or if you have a business selling these items.
  • If you will be reselling the items, purchase in large quantities for the biggest savings. For even lower prices, you can get in touch directly with the baby bottle’s main distributor in your area.

Consider buying different kinds of bottles, depending on the need. This can be particularly useful if you run a business reselling baby bottles. Bottles come in different shapes and sizes, and also with different functions. These days, BPA-free bottles are popular among health-conscious parents. BPA is a chemical that whitens and toughens clear plastic, but has been found to cause potential harm when heated up (which is what happens when baby bottles are sterilized). Consider other choices, too, like bottles with disposable liners, and the like. Different parents require different features, which they will find advantageous to their needs. If you will be giving baby bottles as gifts, try asking the parents for their preference first, before making an actual purchase.


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