How To Calm a Newborn Baby

Calming a newborn baby may be a stressful experience for new parents.  After months of anticipation, seemingly endless preparations and sleep-deprived nights, it is quite understandable for new parents to be at their wits end after another failed attempt to hush the little one.  Here are some tips on how to calm a newborn baby, compiled for all new parents out there:

  1. Do a little research to help you understand why your newborn baby cries. After reading a couple of books or sleuthing the net, you will find that newborns cry because of the following reasons: the need to address your baby’s basic necessities (like breastfeeding, burping and changing his diapers), the need to lessen stimulation, physical discomfort and illnesses.
  2. Feed your newborn at regular intervals and do not forget to burp him.  Check his diapers to see if they are soiled and change them. Check for signs of colic.
  3. Are you a new mom? Watch what you eat. Try to eliminate foods that can potentially irritate your baby if you are breastfeeding, like caffeine.
  4. Lessen excessive stimulation in your newborn’s surroundings. Are the lights in your baby’s room too bright? Maybe you should dim them. Is the room noisy? Then reduce excessive noises.  The idea is to create a relaxing environment for your baby, free of too much noise and distractions. You can also try swaddling your newborn in a blanket to make him feel secure and make him feel similar sensations as if he was back in your womb.
  5. Check your newborn’s clothing.  They may be on too tight. Check the room temperature in your newborn’s room. The temperature in the room can also be a cause of discomfort. Check the baby’s temperature to see if he is ill.
  6. Practice touch therapy.  Never underestimate the power of mommy or daddy’s soothing touch. Explore infant massage techniques by reading up on the subject. Try giving the baby a warm bath, explore several comfort holds or try resting the newborn on your chest, near your heart. (You must be in a lying position when doing this.)
  7. Soft rocking movements or motions can also calm down your newborn. Gently rock the baby in your arm or sit down on a rocking chair with the baby.
  8. Play some white noise in the background or make “sssshhh” sounds while comforting the baby with your touch. Playing white noise simulates the familiar sounds in a mother’s womb.
  9. Giving your newborn a pacifier can also be helpful. A pacifier or his thumb will do the trick.
  10. Still at a loss after heeding the above advice? Try distracting your newborn from his environment and from there, establish a smooth routine for your baby.

Learning how to calm a newborn baby is something all new parents, grandparents and childcare professionals must know.  It’s part and parcel of your job description.  Newborns are entirely helpless and dependent on adults for their needs and crying is their only way of communication.  Heeding this cry of help is not only for the baby’s welfare but also rewarding.  Happy babysitting!


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