How To Care for Triplets

Multiple pregnancy is an increasingly common phenomenon nowadays, because of advances in medical technology such as hormone therapy and in vitro fertilization. However, these advances increase the probability of high-risk multiple pregnancies. Caring for and raising a child is a full-time job on its own. Raising triplets, on the other hand, demands at least thrice the work and effort from you. Here are some tips in providing care for your three bundles of joy.

  1. Plan ahead. Care for your triplets should start even before they are born. Multiple pregnancy entails high risk for both the mother and the unborn children. There is only limited space in the womb, and triplets may be born premature and small for their age. Make sure you follow the obstetrician’s advice, and have regular follow-ups with the appropriate specialist.  It is likely that they will spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While waiting for discharge, talk to the nurses and their pediatrician to learn specific concerns about caring for your multiples.
  2. Get as much help as possible. It is advisable to contact as many friends and relatives before birth. You will need to figure out how they can help you cope with the addition of triplets to the family. Getting people experienced in baby care to help tide you over the first few months will relieve you of having to deal with an immense burden alone. You may want to look for professional help, or if possible, join a support group in your area. They may offer babysitting services or discounts in baby needs. You should establish a network you can approach for advice and support. 
  3. Keep everything organized. Organization is the key to keeping your sanity while caring for triplets. Figure out a feeding and diaper-changing routine for your triplets. A suggestion is to buy a large whiteboard and place it in a visible place at home. This can be used to keep track of feeding times, diaper changing, medications and any other concern your children may have. Baby care stations should be set up at different points in the house, to save time and effort. A well-planned day saves you the stress of having to deal with the chaos of losing track. You will also have to be able to tell each of your triplets apart. You can use methods such as dressing each in a specific color, or giving them discreet name tags. Remember, each triplet is a separate and distinct individual from the other two. Knowing who you’re caring for is not only important to you, but each triplet’s personality development and emotional maturity.
  4. Get everyone involved. Taking care of the triplets should not be delegated to one person, but a shared responsibility of the entire family. You can assign each member specific responsibilities for the triplets’ care. When everyone is involved, the bonds between members of the family are strengthened, not strained, by the addition of three new children.
  5. Take care of yourself and your partner. With all the attention being focused on the care of the triplets, it is often too easy to neglect your own needs and your partner. Make sure you both get enough rest and sleep. Alternating shifts can give you some much-needed alone time to relax and unwind.

Taking care of triplets may be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. You must always remember to be patient and not to panic. Remember to always give each member of your family the same loving care and attention that they need, and you will see that all your efforts are worth it.


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