How To Carry a Romantic Conversation

Whether you are at the start of the relationship or you have been dating someone for a while, or maybe are even married, conversation is integral to the development of the relationship. Romance isn’t just about flowers and chocolates. A big component of it is actually conversation. It lets your partner know you are interested in her.

Some men are naturally fluent in the art of romantic conversation, but some may feel awkward, especially just when they’re getting to know each other. As the relationship progresses, it may still be difficult for some men because the feelings are so raw and emotional. Most men have a difficult time talking to their partners in a romantic way because of embarrassment, fear of rejection or they may think it’s just not a “guy thing”.

Here’s how to get the romantic juices flowing in your conversation:

Relax. When you are tense, it shows. You sweat bullets and trip over your words making conversation more stilted. Just remember that the other person is there because there is something about you that appeals to her. But don’t use alcohol to loosen you up because overindulging in spirits is not romantic.

Ask the other person about herself.  The easiest way to get a conversation going is to have the other person talk about herself. Ask your partner about her likes, her goals and aspirations.

Listen! Maintain eye contact during the conversation. It lets your partner know you are interested in her. Don’t think of the next question or thing you want to say.

Give sincere compliments. Appreciate the effort your partner took in her appearance. Everyone likes to be flattered. Notice how her smile lights up her face or how the color she’s wearing brings out her eyes. If she did something for you that you liked, let her know. If you are impressed by the kind of person she is, tell her.

Be honest. Nothing zaps romance more than dishonesty and the inability to make yourself vulnerable to someone else. If you missed her during the day, or you thought about her constantly, then let her know it. Tell her what kind of future you see having with her. Also, as tempting as it may be to quote romantic lines from movies, don’t! Chances are, your lady has seen or heard it and you’ll come off as a phony with no originality.

Don’t bring up inappropriate subjects. Don’t ask about her ex boyfriends, your kids, money and the stressful day at work. Don’t bring up issues, problems and complaints in the relationship or things that your partner neglected to do, such us forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning. Now is not the time to discuss whose turn it is to walk the dog. Don’t bring up health problems or bodily conditions. Never tell your partner she is fat or eating too much.

Don’t bring up sex. Romance is different from sex. Romance sets the mood for sex to happen later on. If you bring it up, it will seem that all you are interested in is getting her into bed. It’s another story if she brings it up.

Use body language. Lean forward when you talk to her. When you say something important (like I love you!) or she shared with you something special, hold her hand and smile. Actions can speak louder than words.

Being romantic is about letting the other person know you care about her and that she is special. So follow these guidelines and release your hidden Romeo!


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