How To Catch a Cheater with Semen Detection

Extramarital affairs are always tricky and disastrous. They have a tendency to break up marriages and sow seeds of distrust between couples, and if either husband or wife is cheating, there are always going to be issues of trust if one of them finds out, even if they try marriage counseling to repair or work out their differences to try and save the marriage. There is no going back after this has happened. But hey, you have to be prepared when you are in a marriage. There is a percentage that these affairs are going to happen in your married life whether you like it or not.

As they say, nothing is ever sure but death and taxes so if you are married then you have to take these extramarital affairs in consideration. For sure there will always be rocky paths in your marriage and there are going to be temptations left and right. So how do you catch a cheating husband or wife using semen detection?

  1. Surf the net and do so some research on what the most recommended semen detection kit is when you suspect that your spouse is cheating. Choose a kit that will come in an unmarked or obscure packaging so you will not arouse suspicion. Then, order it with your own credit card and not your spouse's.
  2. When your kit arrives make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly and understand them as well as know how you interpret the results. Don’t just go ahead and test but be sure you read the whole manual.
  3. Your biggest challenge would be getting your spouse's underwear. If you are a wife and testing your husband, check his underwear when you suspect he has been with a mistress. The kit will work even if the semen has already dried so when he comes home from a “supposedly” late night and gets to sleep after, stash his dirty underwear so you can test it. If you are a husband and testing your wife, make sure that you get any piece of clothing that she might have worn when you suspect she was cheating on you. Don’t be caught doing it. Be extra careful.
  4. After you have tested, use sound and objective judgment when deciding when your results are ready. If you are testing your husband, do take note that if it’s only a little amount then he might not have been cheating on you and it could have been only a bit of seepage. Also take note that if the semen goes up to his waistband then he might just have been masturbating. If you are testing your wife, it’s much easier because women don’t secrete semen.
  5. What you do with the results is completely up to you. You could either talk to your spouse after you’ve verified the results but do make sure that the semen detection is only part of your evidences. Make sure that you have other supporting activities that will give you a strong case.


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