How To Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

Normally, men are the cheaters and women are the faithful ones but nowadays it’s everybody’s game. The dynamics have changed over the years and although men are the common suspects or common culprits in cheating, cheating women are multiplying over time. Cheating is not really something good because it has the tendency to hurt your partner. Whether you are straight or gay, whether your relationship is just physical attraction and not really hard core love, cheating still hurts. Whether it is the heart or the ego, there is hurt in the equation and it’s always not good for either party.

Why do men and women cheat for that matter? Sometimes, it could simply be a matter of an adrenaline rush, boredom, or revenge because you became aware that your partner was cheating on you. There could be a variety of reasons really. If you are a faithful boyfriend and you think that your girl is cheating on you, how do you find out for sure that she is indeed cheating? How do you catch a cheating girlfriend? Read on to know more about how you can do this.

  1. You need to be aware and extra observant about the actions of your girlfriend. If you could jot down everything that you have observed, this will be better so you could effectively piece down everything and have a better view on things. Listen to your feelings and intuition. Oftentimes, they are right. So take some time to list down your observations and thoughts about your girlfriend’s actions.
  2. Take note of your girlfriend’s behavior towards you. Does it seem like she is extra busy these days and cannot accommodate you in her schedule? Does she dislike your kisses and touch now? Is she changing big things about her life and you weren’t informed about them. Note down these observations in your pad and then ask yourself some questions and don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. Accept it. If you ignore them, chances are you will be more hurt in the future.
  3. Ask help from your trusted friends. More likely they will tell you the truth if they hear or see something. Ask them to be honest with you. If they are your true friends then they will tell. If they tell you that they saw your girlfriend hanging out with a new guy, don’t come right away to the conclusion that your girlfriend is cheating. Do more investigating so you can be really sure.
  4. Carefully study all the evidences you have collected as well as your notes. This will help your case against your cheating girlfriend. Do not overly react but look at it in a very objective and logical manner. Keep your cool. Think about possible objections/answers she might have and how you can counter them.
  5. Set the stage for your confrontation. In this situation your girlfriend will bound to get defensive and deny everything that you just presented to her. She will likely have all the possible explanations for her actions. Be prepared to stand your ground because you don’t want to look like the fool here. Listen to all her rebuttals but don’t always believe them. Think objectively here. Don’t be swayed by your emotions.
  6. It is always your choice whether or not you will listen to her, forgive her and give your relationship another chance. Or it could be that she wanted you to find out because she wanted to end things. There could be lots of potential endings but do keep in mind that if she has really cheated, your future relationship will have to get over the hurdle of trust issues here which could be disastrous later on. But overall, what really matters here is what you think and how you decide to deal with it.


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