How To Celebrate a 30 Year Anniversary

In these modern times, it’s not very common that couples last very long. Therefore, you should congratulate yourselves if you are about to reach your 30th wedding anniversary. Depending on whether you’re traditional or contemporary, your 30th anniversary can either be your Pearl or your Diamond anniversary. Either way, this should be a momentous occasion in a couple’s life.

Most couples celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary—called the Silver anniversary—with a bang. Most couples renew their wedding vows, have a reception party, and go on their second honeymoon after 25 years. While your 30th anniversary might be a bit low-key, it should, by no means, be less important. You should still plan to have a romantic time during this special day.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Write a love letter. In this age of email, text and social networking, very few people actually find the time to write. Get your trusty fountain pen and stationery paper and write your spouse a love letter. It can be a long or short one. For novelty, make it something about the number “30,” like a list of 30 things you love about her, or 30 ways you will make your marriage even more special. Leave the letter somewhere your spouse will easily find it, such as her dresser, or under her car keys.
  • Give your spouse flowers. The 30th anniversary flower is the sweet pea. You can have the florist deliver flowers first thing in the morning. You can also send flowers to her workplace. It will be even more romantic if you deliver the flowers yourself.
  • Buy her jewelry. Since the 30th anniversary is the diamond or pearl anniversary, this would be the excellent opportunity to get her these precious stones. Traditionally, 30th anniversary gifts are supposedly pearl necklaces, bracelets or rings. More modern times will call for diamonds. Be sure you can afford the gift, though, as it doesn’t make sense to rack debts just for a gift!
  • Have a romantic date. Go out on a romantic dinner. Call ahead to reserve seats. Let the maitre d’ know that it’s your anniversary, so they can give you special treatment. You can also go out to watch concerts, a movie or the opera. If schedule permits, you can go on a day cruise.
  • Spend time together. If you would rather not spend on fancy restaurants or jewelry, you can spend a romantic time together. For example, you can prepare a romantic dinner for your spouse right at home, complete with candles and champagne. Or, you can go for a fun picnic at the park or nature reserve.

After your date or party, make sure you have enough energy for a nightcap. It’s your wedding anniversary, after all, so you should celebrate the fact that you are a couple. Slip into something sexy or comfortable, and have an intimate time together. The fun shouldn’t stop when you enter your front door. In fact, it’s where the real fun should begin.


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