How To Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

If your anniversary is coming up, let your spouse know that you're still madly in love with him or her by finding a unique way to celebrate this year. Consider these suggestions on how to celebrate your upcoming wedding anniversary.

Step 1

Plan a trip. A fun and adventurous way to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year is to plan a trip or vacation. Ideally, it would be a getaway for just you and your spouse. But if you want to bring the kids, that's up to you. Consider going somewhere romantic, like Italy, France or Rome. Or, just fly to somewhere tropical where you'll be catered to hand and foot, leaving you all the time in the world to focus on your love for one another. Check out websites like and to plan your romantic anniversary trip for two.

Step 2

Renew your vows. If you're celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary this year (10, 15, 20, 25 years and so on), consider throwing a second wedding. Renewing your vows isn't just a way to let your spouse know that you still honor your commitment to him. It's a way to let your family and friends celebrate in the occasion too. You can rent a hall and go all out with the food and decorations, or you can celebrate in your backyard with a potluck picnic. The party is up to you - just ensure that your wedding renewal vows are meaningful and heartfelt. That's what your spouse will cherish the most about this wedding anniversary celebration.

Step 3

Prepare a dinner for two. Your anniversary celebration doesn't need to be anything spectacular. Maybe this year, you feel like celebrating with just the two of you. Wouldn't it be great if you could spend the evening at home alone together? Send the kids to grandma's for the night! Then cook a meal together, from scratch, and rekindle your love for each other in the process. Make sure you prepare your shopping list in advance so you'll have everything that you need for the recipe. Then set the mood with some candles, some romantic music and a fancy table setting. It won't be the meal you'll remember this anniversary - it will be the time you and your spouse spent together that evening.

Step 4

Take a trip down memory lane. If you're the sentimental type, you may enjoy celebrating your wedding anniversary this year by taking a look at all the years gone by. You can sit down with your spouse alone, or include your kids and extended family too. Pull out the picture albums, the old slides, and the scrapbooks. And reminisce about your younger years together as a married couple. Old home videos are also a great way to appreciate just how much you and your spouse have celebrated, achieved and overcome as a married couple.

Step 5

Spend it with family. If you've got kids, then your wedding anniversary may be too lonely without them. Celebrate your anniversary this year by getting the whole family together. On your anniversary this year, have a family meal together, talk about your younger years, and appreciate the family that you and your spouse created.


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