How To Change a Crib Sheet

A crib sheet is a bed sheet that fits over the cushion on the baby’s crib. These crib sheets are like the bedding on your own bed. If you have a baby, you will notice that you must change the crib sheet two or three times a week so that your baby can sleep in a nice and clean bed. If it is your first time to have a baby, you may find it somewhat tricky to change the crib sheet. It is very easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Here are the simple instructions on how you can change your baby’s crib sheet:

Materials. The materials that you will need to make a comfortable crib for your baby are a waterproof mattress pad, extra crib sheets and waterproof lap pads. You can purchase all of these from a baby store. There are also some online shops where you can get crib sheets and other baby accessories that will fit the type of crib that you have. One of the best websites that you can visit to get these items is On the website you will find sheet protectors, crib sheets, baby blankets and more.

Preparation. Now, remove the pads that are on top of your crib cushion. Afterwards, untie the knots of the crib cushion that attaches it to the cushion. Some of them are clip-on while others just fit on the mattress snugly with a garter. Prepare the waterproof mattress and put it on top of the mattress. Make sure that the waterproof mattress is aligned with the mattress itself so that liquids will not seep into the mattress.

Put on the new crib sheet. Now that the waterproof mattress is ready, you can put on the new crib sheet. When you put the new sheet, make sure that it is stretched on the edges of the mattress so that the sheet is wrinkle free. Now, that the crib sheet is ready, you can tie the crib cushion back on the crib. Make sure that you tie them tight enough so that your baby will not be able to untie the knots when tampering with it.

These are the simple instructions on how you can change the crib sheet on your baby’s crib. Once you get used to the idea of changing the sheets every other day, you will surely be able to do it quickly and without a hassle.

It is important that you keep your baby comfortable while sleeping at night or even just playing on the crib. You can also do layering on the crib sheets so that the you can easily change the sheets without having to remove all the layers of mattress and covers underneath. Another thing to remember is that you have to keep your baby safe inside the crib and all throughout the house. You can buy and use locks and guards to keep your baby inside the crib and baby proof the other items in your house, such as cabinets, cupboards and doors.


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