How To Change a Diaper in Public

To assume that changing the diaper of you baby in public is alright because – well, he is just a baby – is very wrong. Maybe with you and your family it is perfectly okay even if you change diapers on top of your dining table. But just think of how other people will react when they see you thoughtlessly doing the diaper change inches away from them. Some people can be grossed out by this especially when the place is a restaurant or an enclosed area where the stink from your baby’s diaper can simply diffuse in the air.

One more reason why you should be careful in changing your baby’s diaper in public is that babies though still young and seemingly angelic – also have the right to privacy. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want your baby’s private parts exposed to the public in the same way that you don’t want yours to be exposed as well.

Luckily, rest rooms in most business establishments nowadays provide changing tables for babies. Hence you don’t have to worry about towing your baby along in malls and restaurants because once there is a need to change you can just carry him over to the rest room. But you should not be over trusting either when changing diapers on the table provided in the rest room. Take precautions like lining the table with a cloth or change pad in order to protect your baby from germs. Also, before putting down your baby, make sure there are no sharp edges or protruding objects on top or on the sides just to be very sure he does not get injured.

On the other hand, if you are in a place where there is no available changing table, you will have no choice but to bring your baby to your car and do the changing inside. If you have no car with you but you have your baby stroller, just pull the stroller to a corner where few or no people are passing by. There, you can discreetly unfasten the diaper of your baby and wrap a fresh one on him.

Don’t even think of changing your baby’s diaper on top of tables or seats in restaurants or lobbies. Restaurants especially, are intended for dining and naturally the eating customers will find it unacceptable that you change diapers right there.

One more important thing to remember when going out with your baby is to bring a tote bag where you can place all the items needed by your baby including plastic bags in which you can place the soiled diapers before disposing them in garbage cans.
Diaper changing in public is not something that you do with abandon and lack of care. Before you leave the house you should perhaps first find out if the place you are going to is baby friendly. This way you can plan and prepare ahead should your baby need to have his diaper change.


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