How To Change a Dirty Diaper

There is a system for changing your baby’s dirty diaper without it having to be messy. For a first time parent, this may be hard to do as there are other things that are done when changing the baby’s diaper. It can also be time consuming if you do not have a system for changing the diaper. This problem can be solved. With just a few steps, you will be able to change the diaper of your baby hassle-free!

Here are the steps on how you can change the diaper of your baby in the proper way:

Prepare the changing table. At home, you must have a changing table where you can have everything that you need within reach. Some of the items that you must have on the changing table are extra diapers, a trash can, baby wipes, cotton, alcohol, rash ointment and baby lotion.

Prepare the new diaper. Before you remove the dirty diaper from your baby, you must have the new diaper prepared. Get a new one and open it. Place the new diaper right beside your baby so you can just slip it under the baby when you are ready.

Remove the old diaper. Remove the clothes of your baby. You wouldn’t want to get the clothes dirty. If your baby is squirming out of your grasp and moving around the changing table too much, what you can do is get a small toy that your baby can play with while you are changing the diaper. This will distract your baby and make changing the diaper easier for you. Remove the dirty diaper, fold it properly and dispose it.

Clean your baby. The next step is to clean the baby. Get some baby wipes and clean his bottom of your baby. Remember to wipe your baby from front to back every time. This will prevent the feces from going to other places. It will also prevent your baby from having urinary tract infection (UTI). Make sure that the baby is clean before proceeding to the next steps.

Put rash cream. If you notice that there are red areas or rashes on the skin of your baby, you can put some rash cream by dabbing a small amount on your finger and gently massaging it on the skin of your baby. Rashes typically appear at the hip area where the garter of the diaper sticks to the skin.

Put on the clean diaper. When everything is set, the next step is to put on the clean diaper. Carefully lift your baby and slide the open diaper under your baby. Secure the diaper by using the tabs on it. When you do this, make sure that the diaper fits your baby snuggly but comfortably. Afterwards, wash your hands.

These are the steps on how you can change the diaper of your baby without it having to be messy and time consuming. When you have a system, it will be easier for you to do each time.


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