How To Change Your Name When You Get Married

Getting married involves making changes to a lot of things, including your last name. There's a lot of paperwork involved in making the name change legal, and you've got to contact a whole list of people too. Here's a basic guide to show you how to change your name when you get married.

Step 1

Make sure your family knows. As a precaution, it's a good idea to tell your family and your wedding party about your plans to change your name when you get married. There is a chance that some of your wedding gifts will be monogrammed, and your family will need to know what names or initials belong on the gifts and the cards.

Step 2

Inform everyone that doesn't need legal proof before the wedding. You can start the process of changing your name early so that you won't be dealing with updating everything after you get back from your honeymoon. Start by informing your boss about your upcoming name change. He'll need to know so that he can get you new business cards, a new nameplate, and change your company email address. You will also need to change your name on all of the cards in your wallet. Some will require proof (like credit cards), which will have to wait until after the wedding. But most cards, such as those for accumulating points, will be easy to change. Visit the card website or call customer service and have them update your file to include your new married name.

Step 3

Make wedding reservations in your maiden name. Although you'll probably be anxious to start using your new married name as soon as you get married, you will still need to use your maiden name for a few things. Be sure to make your honeymoon reservations in your maiden name (flight and hotel) so that you won't have any problems with your passport and other forms of identification that haven't yet been updated. It's okay. Your husband will understand.

Step 4

Tell the government about your name change after the wedding. Once the honeymoon is over, you will need to start informing government organizations of your new name. Start by getting a new social security card. There are downloadable forms available from the Social Security website. Update your new married name on your driver's license as well by visiting the DMV with a copy of your marriage certificate and new social security card. Talk to your bank and other financial institutions about updating your files. Name changes need to be made on your house ownership, property taxes, mortgage (or rental agreement), utilities, phone and cable, credit cards, bank accounts, retirement funds, and insurance (house, vehicle, health and life insurance).

To save yourself some time, type up a letter stating that you have changed your name because you got married. Include your old name and SSN, and your new married name and new SSN. And make a few copies of your marriage certificate. You can then fax, mail or deliver this letter and marriage certificate to the many people who need to know about your name change. Inquire about any fees related to changing your name when you get married. Within a few months, your name should be legally changed on all of your documents.


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