How To Child Proof Your Home

For parents of young children, one of the most dangerous places for their child to be is their own home. There are so many things that a young child can get into that may end up harming them. It may sound a little strange to think of your house as a dangerous place for your child to be, but if you think about all the possible ways a child can harm themselves, it makes sense. There are outlets everywhere, cleaning supplies under cabinets and many more things that children can get into. Since you cannot be everywhere at once, one of the best ways to protect your child is to "child proof" your home. This article should help you keep your little ones safe.

Step 1

Cover outlets. One of the most common things that a house has is electrical outlets. Outlets are an essential part of having a fully functional house. You need them for just about every electronic item you have. Unfortunately they are also one of the most dangerous things. A child can easily stick his or her finger in there as well as other objects that can cause electrocution. In order to safely protect your child, you need to purchase outlet covers.

Step 2

Install detectors. Having the appropriate detectors (smoke and carbon monoxide) on every floor of the house will help in an emergency. Be sure they are all in working order by testing them every few months. 

Step 3

Make sure windows and doors have locks. Having child locks on your windows and doors is also very important for their safety. Children are very good at figuring out ways to get into things, and have an innate ability to open doors, window and cabinet doors. Make sure that you have special child locks on all doors and windows. Also, it is very important to have locks on all cabinet doors, especially ones with household cleaning supplies and any other dangerous materials. 

Step 4

Have an emergency plan. A very important thing to have in place is an emergency plan that your child understands and can perform. This includes having escape routes incase of fire and having emergency contact information that your child can use. What is more important about this plan is that you go over it with your child and he or she understands it. 

As parents, many of us may overlook all the ways our children can harm themselves in their own house. Be sure to make it as safe a place as possible.  

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