How To Choose a Baby Video Monitor

When you think of what is best for your baby, you probably will not even think once to leave him unattended. However, there are times when you really need to do something and leave him a few minutes while he sleeps. To save your from your guilt, most parents find peace of mind in a baby video monitor.

Baby video monitors are a video switch device that can help you see what is going on with your baby even if you are away. There are many types of connection monitors out there in the market. However, every parent wants only the best for their child. So if you are considering getting a baby monitor, then here's how to find the best one.

  1. Digital or analog? It is actually more necessary to get the digital video monitor, especially if what you have is a wireless connection monitor. This is because when you use an analog one, you can never be assured in terms of the security of the lines. Meaning, anyone who has the same receiver within the same range can receive the signals from the other end. Digital ones can provide a secure and clear video input and output.
  2. Wired or wireless? This choice actually depends on your needs. The wired connection monitor is proven to be more reliable. However, its major drawback is that it is not portable. On the other side, the wireless will give you the freedom of portability but there can be problems brought about by minor interference such as thick walls. Also, it has limited battery life.
  3. One-way or two-way? In a one-way system, you get to see and hear your baby through the composite monitor while the latter allows both you and your baby to see and hear each other. In most cases, parents prefer to get the two-way system. This is because you will have the capability to talk to your baby while you are away or hush him down while you are on your way to his room.

Aside from these options, there are other factors that need to be considered when choosing the right video monitor. This includes the following:

  • Range - Different video monitors can cover different location ranges. You need to check the size of your house, where you will mostly use the monitor, etc.
  • Portability - It is always a must to get a baby monitor that is light enough for you to carry. It is actually ideal to get one that can be easily attached to your clothes so you will be sure that the video switch will never be out of your sight.
  • Monitors - If both parents want to have a look at what their baby is doing, it is best to get one with two connection monitors. Meaning, there can be one video input but it can display two video outputs for both receivers.

Now you can get a video monitor that will work best for you. It always needs to be observed that the right equipment depends on your needs. Since the use of baby monitors is not limited for babies nowadays, you definitely have to weigh in several factors first before making a purchase.


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