How To Choose a Bridal Bouquet

When you plan a wedding, flowers are very much a part of the essential things that need to be prepared for the big day. It is part and parcel of the whole wedding preparation. Your choice of a wedding bouquet shows the thought and care you put into the wedding to tie the whole plan together.

They are not just simply flowers that you will use to decorate the wedding venue, the reception area and the bouquet that you will carry. There are meanings to these flowers and the bouquet arrangement should also complement you, your wedding dress and your personality.

Below are tips for choosing the right wedding bouquet.

By wedding gown design. If you will be wearing a princess line dress, then volume should be emphasized in your bouquet choice to complement the full skirt. Round, oval, bag and pomander bouquets will be good choices. A hand-tied bouquet will also look lovely. Choice round, oval, clutch, cascade, clutch and arm bouquets if you will be wearing a sheath dress. An A-line dress will be complemented by cascade and round arrangements. Mermaid line and empire cut dresses will be shown off beautifully if you hold a round, oval, and cascade bouquets. Your dress will look stunning when you hold an arm bouquet.

By your body shape. Short ladies need to add length to look taller. They should choose a short cascade or a teardrop or a crescent shape bouquet which is heavier and rounder on top and ends in a point. Tall ladies can opt for a big posy or round bouquet so the focus is on the flower and not on the height. A medium-sized cascade will also draw the attention to the flower and will give you the illusion of a shorter height. You could also choose a large hand-tied bouquet for emphasis on the flower and the middle. The same will hold true for ladies with wider hips and those who want to look slimmer on their wedding day. A petite body should have a round bouquet such as a posy, a nosegay, or a beidermeier arrangement to add balance to your figure. Large ladies will likewise benefit from a large bouquet to balance out the body shape.

By your own style. Although most brides choose white or cream for their wedding dress, there are some who want to be more creative and contemporary with their color choice. If you are one of these ladies, here are some tips to go by. Traditional whites and creams can use any color for the bridal bouquet. You can go for a monochromatic effect for a particular color - from light to dark flower of the same color as your dress. Or you can go for an analogous one where one of the colors is present in the rest of the colors. You can also opt to get complementary colors like blue and orange or yellow and purple. 

By the meaning of different flowers. Different flowers can be used for wedding bouquets but there are a few flowers that are favorites. Calla lilies are one of the mainstays in wedding bouquets for their elegance and they are not just confined to white. The new colors of calla lilies are stunning and will complement the bride and her wedding dress. Stephanotis is also a favorite. This flower symbolizes marital bliss. The delicate tulips are also favorites. Their colors are almost endless. Declare your love with red tulips; cream means “I will love you forever” and you tell the world you are hopelessly in love with yellow tulips. Red roses mean love and passion; yellow rose for caring and friendship; pink for happiness and romance and white for innocence and purity. Other flowers with beautiful meanings are chrysanthemums, carnations, freesias daisies, irises and orchids.

There choice of flowers and colors can be endless. Follow these hints and you will not go wrong. The best thing is to carry your bouquet just below your wait to emphasize not only your dress but also put focus on the bouquet and hide some flaws.


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