How To Choose a Bridal Shower Gift

A bridal shower is a fun affair that is a traditional part of the wedding arrangement. It gives the bride-to-be a chance to be together with close friends and relatives. A bridal shower is literally what it is meant to be - to shower the bride with good wishes and plenty of gifts.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right gift for a shower, especially if are not accustomed to attending bridal showers. Here are some guidelines that can assist you in getting the bride a great gift that will stand out among the rest.

  1. Experts say that gifts costing from $25 to $75 are the acceptable price range. Base your choice on the bridal shower invitation. The theme is usually indicated in it so take it as your clue and guide.
  2. Check the bridal registry if the couple has registered. You can then have a choice from the list of things that they want to receive. When you purchase a gift based on the bridal registry be sure to keep the receipt. It is inevitable that there will be duplication in the gifts and some may have to be returned or replaced later.
  3. If you really do not have an idea of what to get the bride and you do not know the maid of honor, then ask the bride herself. That way you are sure that the gift you are going to get is what she wants to receive and treasure.
  4. Think of what the bride will need in terms of how you know her. If you are invited to the bridal shower, then it means that you are close to the bride. Take the clue from what her interests are, the activities she enjoys doing  - gardening, cooking/baking, exercising, sewing, reading, traveling. You can also make a gift basket and give her small items related to all her interests.
  5. Lingerie items are usually a part of a bridal shower line of gifts, but it should not be risqué. Save that for when you will be together for the bachelorette party. When giving lingerie, make sure that it is in the correct size and fit.
  6. If the shower is going to be themed, then base your gifts from that theme, whether it is a tropical, garden, cocktail, beach, exotic or sporty theme. You can never go wrong when the theme is already indicated.
  7. Coordinate your bridal shower gift with the wedding gift that you are going to give the couple later. Make it a precursor of what they can expect to get from you.
  8. If there is a group of you that gets invited, say you are co-workers, consider pooling your resources, if everyone agrees, and get the bride a good digital camera (video or still) so that they can chronicle their honeymoon, easily upload and share pictures later.
  9. If you are quite close to the bride and money is not a problem, consider giving her minute massage treatment to relieve her of all the stress from planning her wedding. She will surely appreciate your caring thought.
  10. Wrap your gift gorgeously in beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons. The maid of honor usually gathers these ribbons to make a mock wedding bouquet to use when doing the wedding rehearsal. Some brides would like to collect these ribbons to make a keepsake pillow to remember the occasion. Be sure that you include a “To/ From” card with your gift.

Do not stress yourself out thinking of what gift to bring on a bridal shower. There are signs and clues that can guide you. The tips above will surely lead you to choose the right gift.


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