How To Choose a Driver's Education Program

It is never too late to learn how to drive. Most Americans learn driving at an early age, as early as 15 years old, but there are also people who have not been using their driving skills for a long time such that they need refresher courses. Whether you are learning how to drive for the first time, or you need to be refreshed on your driving skills, you can find the following tips on driver's education programs useful:

  1. Look for a reliable driving school. The driving school and its instructors should be licensed, and they should be able to provide the materials needed by the students such as driving manuals, and a comprehensive hands on driving with a driving instructor.
  2. Check out the phonebook for driving schools around you area, and visit their office to see if they are certified, and if they have the facilities needed for a driving school, such as visual aids and instructional videos. Also ask around for referrals on which driving school offers an affordable and effective driving lesson.
  3. Check out each driving school’s curriculum. It is best to compare this with the state curriculum requirements to verify whether the driving school is providing the basic lessons needed for a student to be granted a driver’s license.
  4. Check out how many driving instructors are enlisted in the driving school, and if they offer private driving lessons.
  5. There are several driving schools that encourage parents to provide out of school practice driving with their teenage kids. The parents will be the ones to supervise the teenage kids in driving and they need to complete a number of hours a week for the teen to complete the requirements in passing the driving lessons and get a driver’s license.
  6. If you are a parent of a teenager who will be taking the lessons, ask the driving school how they will keep track of the student’s progress, and if you can be furnished a copy of these records throughout the course of the driving lessons.
  7. Take a look at a driving school’s history and check out whether it has been a subject of complaints, and whether it has violated any state law in the course of its business. Also check if it has had history of accidents while the instructor and student driver are on the road. You would not want to enroll your teenage kid in this kind of driving school.
  8. If you are the parent of a teenage student driver and you are supposed to give your child out of school lessons, ask whether you will be given a manual or instructional material that you can use.
  9. Inquire about driving lesson fees and the mode of payment. Also ask if the fees are already inclusive of the application for a driver’s license.
  10. Inquire about the driving exams that are required, and the schedules. You or your teenage child may have to adjust your schedules in order to take the required driving exams.


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