How To Choose a Headpiece for Your Wedding Dress

A headpiece for your wedding dress doesn't have to be a plain veil. Today, there are many different choices for wedding headpieces that can be worn by the bride. On your special day, you can choose any type of headpiece you desire. Here's how to choose a headpiece for your wedding dress:

  1. Consider your style and personality. Do you have a modern or traditional style? Is your wedding very formal, or more casual? Your style and the style of your wedding should both influence the headpiece you choose to wear with your wedding dress.
  2. Match the gown with your veil. The headpiece for your wedding dress should not look like an afterthought. It should match the dress perfectly. If you choose a traditional veil or other colored headpiece, make sure that it matches the dress; some dresses are stark white, while others have a hint of ivory. If your veil does not exactly match the dress, it will show. For best results, purchase the veil through the same company that made your wedding gown. If there are rhinestones or embroidery on your gown, consider a veil that includes these details.
  3. Choose the right type of veil. There are short veils, floor-length veils, and everything in between. Try the veil on with your wedding gown to make sure that its length does not look awkward with the dress. Some are sheer while others are more opaque; make sure that the veil gives the effect you want. Whichever style you choose, try on the veil and make sure that you like the effect it gives your face in photographs. Some veil styles will make your face appear taller and slimmer, while others tend to shorten or widen a face.
  4. Consider a tiara. As an alternative to a veil, many brides today are choosing a tiara instead. This is particularly popular with those who have chosen a princess-style dress. The tiara has a certain fantasy appeal, and also looks very pretty with many wedding updos.
  5. Try on smaller headpieces. If you think that veils or tiaras are too strong of an effect, consider smaller pieces such as a beaded hairpin, comb, or floral piece. Other unique choices include pillbox hats, headbands, or wreaths. Try to keep the formality of your gown in mind when choosing a headpiece, and make sure that they work with your haircut.
  6. Consider the reception. While the headpiece you choose will be in place during the ceremony, be sure to make plans for the reception. If your veil is very long, can you easily remove it without ruining your hairstyle? Look for a detachable veil if you want to be able to remove it easily for the reception.

Most brides are able to find the perfect headpiece for their dress and their personality. If you are having trouble finding something, you can have a custom headpiece made by a professional bridal milliner, which can be found through an upscale bridal boutique.


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