How To Choose a Husband

All societies in the world, whether the most primitive or the most advanced, have families where a man and woman live together (along with their children) as husband and wife. The husband is the father and the wife is the mother for the children. It is immaterial to decide whether the father is greater or the mother is greater.  The mother gives birth to children and the children are mostly dependent on the mother for nursing and care. On the other hand, the father maintains and protects the family and the family line is established from father to son and grandson (except in some matriarchal societies). So both the father and mother have equal roles in a family.

Before entering into family life, a man and a woman pass through a social function called marriage. Before marriage, a man and woman choose each other, know each other, and approve of each other, either by themselves or by their families and friends. In this article, let us see what the criteria should be while choosing a husband (whether by a woman or by her family and friends). 

  1. Looks, physique and character.  Looks and physique are most important for a man. The look or face is the mirror of a man. The face reflects what a person thinks and what kind of person he is. A good physique or sound health is very essential for fulfilling the needs of family and for protecting his family members. Again, the character of a man is most valuable. A man may have everything, but if he has no character, he has nothing. He shouldn't be a womanizer, a drug addict, a drunkard or a criminal. If a man does have any of these characteristics, a woman need not know anything more about him. However, in blind love, nothing is seen.
  2. Age, qualifications and profession.  Preferably a husband should be older so that respect for him comes spontaneously. Reciprocally, the husband also needs to love his wife. A husband should be least equally or even more qualified. He should be in a decent profession. The nature of one's profession determines or shapes one's character and level of responsibility. Again, highly professional or wealthy husbands sometimes find little time for wives and children. Money is not everything for a person or a family. The real wealth of a family is its children and the love that binds the family.
  3. Family and friends.  A person is known by the company he keeps. Family members (like parents, brother and sister) are the closest companions, and friends are also close companions of a man. So while choosing a husband, the circle of his family members and friends should be known. It is better if the family and friends of both sides know each other and approve of each other. When this is the case, then when tension between a husband and wife mounts, friends and relatives try to diffuse it.
  4. Horoscope and blood group.   Although the matching of horoscopes is not scientifically approved, many believe that matching horoscopes does have its advantages.  Astrologers may be consulted in this regard. In modern times, matching of blood groups should be a must (in consultation with a doctor). 
  5. Marriages between kin.  Marriages between kin should be avoided at any cost for the offspring from such marriages may not be sound mentally or physically.

There may be several factors for choosing husbands but these are the few that should be given the most importance either in a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Stability of marriage is not only a duty of husband and wife but also a duty of family, friends and society as a whole.


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Lol. this is hilarious. I never thought finding a husband will be such an effort. But I did enjoy this article. Thanks.

By Cherry Ozoa