How To Choose a New Wardrobe for Kids

Your kids will need a new wardrobe as the school year begins to draw closer. Wardrobe changes are more often necessary for children because of their growing bodies, which will outgrow the shirts and pants that the kids may have been wearing just a couple of months ago. Here’s how you can choose new clothes for your kids.

  1. Assess the wardrobe. Start by assessing the wardrobe that your kids have at the moment. Pore through each article of clothing and assess the strengths and weaknesses. Clothes that have become too small will have to go, but clothes that are still decent looking and still in good size can be kept. With a little fabric treatment and repair, some clothes can become fully functional again and can get you major savings.
  2. Compatibility. When choosing clothes, make sure that the new items to be added into the wardrobe are compatible with the rest of the wardrobe. There are some pieces that may seem pretty to look at by themselves, but which will not go well with the existing wardrobe and which will require another set of clothes. This can make the wardrobe much more expensive, all while the clothes will not be very useful. Generally, stick to classy but not to showy pieces, since children usually have a charming air to them that shines best when not surrounded with too gaudy clothing.
  3. Bring the kids along. Make sure that you bring your children along when you shop for their clothes. This will give you a sense of what styles your children like. The last thing that you want is to purchase a new set of clothes that your children will not enjoy wearing. Also, keep in mind that older children will have a certain type of clothing sense beginning to emerge. You do not want to infringe on your kid’s sense of style by imposing only your clothing choices. Also, you will also get to talk to your kids about their sense of clothing as you shop, which will be useful if your kid tends to be attracted to clothes that are too daring or mature.
  4. Make a list. Before you even go shopping, it is best if you already have a list of the items that you will use. For instance, list down the number of shirts, socks, pants, and jackets that you will need to add to the wardrobe. You can be even more specific by choosing the types of colors that you are going for. This will keep you from buying too many clothing items, and will keep you from purchasing the first item that you see off the shelf.
  5. Make a budget. Finally, create a budget that you can use to narrow down the items that you will buy. Although children’s clothing is generally much cheaper than adult wear, these can still be expensive when you buy large batches. In order to minimize overspending, limit yourself with a budget even before you enter the shopping mall.

Through these steps, updating and refreshing your kid’s wardrobe without breaking the bank account or buying too many unnecessary clothing items is easy.


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