How To Choose a Pet Name for Your Boyfriend

You are in love with Mr. Right! His name is...well, let's say Mitchell.  You've known him precisely three weeks. The relationship between you is hot and happening. This special man has already become important in your life and you think about him obsessively. Since your one-month anniversary is coming up, you want to give him something from the heart. You've been thinking about terms of endearment - and presto! - you will choose a pet name for your boyfriend . . .

For days already, you've considered monikers based on his charisma and physical characteristics, his loving nature, the many kindnesses he's shown to you, and his generosity. Sappy, mushy nicknames keep popping into your mind.

Nope! you already know he's not the gushy type. You could choose a name taken from the old standards (Prince, Lover, Honey, Sweetie, Darling, Hottie) but these won't do either -- your man needs a pet name that is both perfect and reflects your intense emotions.

Reach for the internet's vast resources to choose a pet name for your boyfriend. Check these out:

  1. Try if you enjoy interacting on websites. Type first/last name into the site's blank form; this handy tool comes up with several suggestions. Also, this site has a terrific list of member-submitted names that are tried and true.
  2. Get lots of dreamy ideas on in addition to a list of pet names. For your quest, type in your search, i.e. "Pet Names for Boyfriends" and up will pop a short intro; follow the "more" link and you'll find exactly 101 names that range from the sappy to the traditional to the funky.
  3. Visit for even more ideas. This site describes itself as "everything concerning pop culture..." Here you can scope out their alphabetical list of pet names for boyfriends. These are funny, cute, trendy - you're sure to get lots of ideas.
  4. Explore to round out your search for names. Even though this site is mainly for animal lovers, it offers a comprehensive listing of pet names under the section appropriately called "Pet Names for Boyfriends."

Follow these links to go directly into the pet names sections of each website.

There are so many choices. It's not going to be an easy decision, but you are up for it - you've almost selected that very special, intimate, and private pet name for your boyfriend.


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