How To Choose a Pet Name for Your Girlfriend

Calling your girlfriend by her regular name can be unromantic in a relationship. So, you want to give your girlfriend a cute pet name. But, what kinds of name would you want to give her? You don't want to give her something ugly or something that is not cute.

Would you actually name your girlfriend your dog's name? No, you might be giving out a hint that tells her she reminds you of a dog. How about Skid mark, Chunky butt, Fido, Boo-Boo, Toe Jam or even Fart bomb? All these names should be at the top of the list of what not to call your girlfriend. These names wouldn't make her feel comfortable or special; they're not even nice words to call someone.

Give your girlfriend a name that will make her smile. Give her a name that sounds romantic. Here are some names sure to make her smile: call her "angel of mine" because being with her is like being in heaven; lLet her know that. Call her "doll face" because you believe she is beautiful. How about something that lets her know that she is beautiful and shows her that you love her such as "beautiful dove"? Give your girlfriend a name that is unique and affectionate.

One way to choose your a nickname for your girlfriend is to think about how she makes you feel. You can also brainstorm some names by writing a list of names or complimentary phrases, then choose the one which represents her the most. Cross out the ones that do not. Try to get the list down to your favorite top two choices. Try to call her by these names every now and then; if she reacts negatively to one of the names, then stop using it right away! If she smiles at you, she probably likes the name. That's how you can decide what name is best for her; don't ask her outright what name you should call her - this is unromantic. Look at her when you call her the names which you selected; does she squirm or frown when you use these names? If so, she does not like the names you have selected. If she could, she would return these names as if she had been given some clothes that she does not like.

If you are still having trouble thinking of a pet name your girlfriend, think about the place where you met first met her.  You could also give her a nickname that is traditional, like sweetie or cuddles to represent her sweetness or how you love to cuddle with her. Find a name that represents your relationship. Another ideal pet name for your girlfriend may center around a special interest or feature that you love in her.


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