How To Choose a Traditional Wedding Attendant

For the blushing bride, her wedding day is the most important and most exciting day of her life. After all, this is something that most girls have been planning since they were old enough to play dress-up with their dolls. For your traditional wedding, you will need an attendant to help you to get through the excitement and stress of the day. Picking your wedding attendant is a little tricky, because you will have a lot of friends and family, and a lot of feelings might get hurt with your choice. However, don’t stress too much about it, and instead, follow these simple tips for choosing your traditional wedding attendant.

  1. Choose someone you can depend on. You have to be able to rely on your wedding attendant. This consideration should take top priority over everything else. During your wedding day, you will be too preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of the ceremonies that you will often forget important things. You need to know that your wedding attendant is able to keep her cool and not flake out when you need her most. She should be able to weather your bridezilla tantrums, while keeping everything in check.
  2. Choose someone who won’t mind being behind the scenes. The bridesmaids have all the glamorous duties during the wedding – all they have to do is dress up and look pretty in front of the cameras. Your wedding attendant, however, will be the one working the hardest behind the scenes. She may not even be in all the photos like the other members of the bridal party. The wedding attendant is not the star of the show, but a vital role player who stays quietly in the background. It is important to choose someone who isn’t a prima donna who absolutely needs to be the center of attention. The wedding attendant is an unglamorous role, so pick your true friends for this one.
  3. Choose someone who is adaptable. Your needs during the wedding day will be ever-changing, and it will be impossible to predict what will happen, or how things will go wrong. You may suddenly need a retouch of makeup, or a glass of water, or some quick repairs to your dress – these are but a few of the burdens that your wedding attendant should be able to meet. She should be strong and smart enough to meet these disasters head on.
  4. Choose someone who relaxes you. More than anything, you will need a friend. Your wedding attendant will be the one to calm you down when the wedding jitters set in. She should be someone who can soothe your moods and make you feel like everything’s well taken care of.

Remember, your wedding attendant is supposed to meet all your needs during the wedding day. She will be your manager, your personal assistant and your coach, all rolled into one person during that day. She should be someone you love enough to trust with your wedding, and she should also be strong enough to handle any problems that the wedding might encounter. This will not be an easy role for anyone to play, so put a lot of thought into choosing your wedding attendant.


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