How To Choose a Walking Shoe for a Child

Every moment with your child is a treasure that you can keep for the rest of your life. The first smile is priceless. The first steps are so exciting you can really fall off the edge of your seat. But each time these precious moments take place you have but one thing in mind and that is to make sure that your child is kept safe.

Part of growing up is being able to face the world equipped with all the gears needed. Your child must be covered from head to foot. And speaking of feet when that time comes that your child gets the chance to use his lower extremities you have to ensure that he is wearing the best shoes possible.

Picking the right walking shoe for your child may be tricky but if you know your way around it you are assured to give your child a very comfortable walking experience. When planning to go out and hunt for your child’s footwear the first thing to cover is the correct measurement. Let your child stand on a measuring tape and secure his correct foot stat, which normally comes in inches.

The next thing for you to do is to get a shoe with proper fit so that your child’s comfort is not compromised. There should be half an inch separation between the toe of your child and the edge of the front part of the shoe. Moreover it’s better if you can put a finger between the heel part of the foot and the edge of the back portion of the shoe. High heels may look good on your small one but they will affect the body alignment of your child so it’s better if you stick with flat shoes.

You must also take a mental note that children are not like adults who enjoy going out shopping in order to scrutinize each shop for the best pick. Since it is more advisable that your child is present when you purchase his shoe you must plan ahead on what best time both of you can go out. Remember the mood of your child is a significant factor that can badly affect his cooperation.

Now it’s time to let your child do the picking in terms of color and appearance then you can decide if the shoe’s performance can ensure you child’s safety. It has been a long standing debate of which is better between Velcro and laces. Velcro offers easy access but as the child begins to learn you may find him barefooted once in a while. On the other hand laces demand patience on your part as you may have to redo them every now and then.

Nevertheless it’s really your call. All you have to avoid is the slip-on types and open back ones. Also take a close look at the sole of the shoe. Look for the ones that have textured or patterned sole as they can provide the needed traction to prevent slippage and falls.

Foot health is another thing you have to look at when choosing the shoe for your child. Make sure your child’s footwear is made of breathable material. Canvas and leather are the ideal ones. This two will help prevent blister formation and smelly feet.

Understandably, you strive hard in order to get the best but bear in mind you can still hit your target without letting out too much cash.


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