How To Choose a Wedding Menu

About to get married? Congratulations! Now time for the dirty work to begin – planning the wedding! Of course, the wedding reception is one of the major things to prepare for, and here are some tips to help you choose your wedding menu:

  1. Know the factors to consider. Make a list of all the things you’d need to take into consideration when planning for your wedding menu. The most important considerations would include your budget, the time of your wedding, your food preferences, and other considerations (are some of your guests of a religion that has specific food restrictions? Are some of your guests vegetarians?). This list would be your basic guidelines for choosing the food to serve. 
  2. Request for a tasting. Create a shortlist of caterers that you’d want to hire, and request to sample their menu. Most caterers offer this service for free to the wedding couple. It’s a good idea to bring your parents and wedding attendants along to get lots of opinions (you’d just need to pay a certain fee for additional guests to the tasting). 
  3. Consult with your caterers. Make sure that your caterers are aware of the important details of your wedding reception, such as the time and (very important) your budget. Let them know of your food preferences as well.
  4. Go traditional. Preparing your wedding menu doesn’t need to be done from scratch. To make planning simple, you could stick to tried-and-tested, ready-made wedding menu plans caterers already have, based on the time of the wedding reception. You could just make small adjustments based on your preferences and guidelines (see number 1).
  5. Or think out of the box. Remember, there isn’t any one single rule to follow when planning for a wedding (hey, wedding guests can even wear black nowadays!). Look at the guidelines you’ve created (see number 1), and be resourceful in thinking of ways to accommodate these guidelines. If you’re on a budget for example, why not stick to an “all dessert”, a cocktail, or a finger food menu?  Just make sure to time your wedding reception appropriately (not during lunchtime, for example). 
  6. Consider how the food will be served. Will the reception be served buffet-style? The advantage to this is that guests can control how much food they want, plus there would be less need for waiters to serve the guests.
  7. Be an avid wedding attendee. During wedding receptions, be a hawk-eyed observer and look at the food from the guest's perspective. How was the food served? Was it practical? What about the food, does it satisfy? If you’re particularly impressed with the reception, ask who the caterer is and contact them after the reception. Let them know that you were able to know of them because of their spectacular service during your friend’s wedding; this information would probably give you good vibes with the caterer and score you a good discount. 

There you have it! These are some great tips to help you choose a wedding menu. Just one last tip: always remember that the wedding is ultimately a joyous occasion that aims to share love all around, and it shouldn’t be all about the pressure! Good luck! 


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