How To Choose Amongst 14K, 18K, or Platinum for My Engagement Ring Setting

If you are a man looking to get an engagement ring for your girlfriend and future fiancé, then you are probably having a tough time deciding on the actual ring since you are bombarded with options and suggestions that tell you get a certain type of ring.  Well, the common options that you will probably encounter are whether to get the ring in gold or platinum.  If gold is your cup of tea, then you will be presented with a choice of 14K or 18K gold.  Since you are probably unfamiliar with the differences between all these terms, you will probably be scratching your head like a douche.  Fortunately, you can learn what all these terms represent and finally decide on the right engagement ring to get the sweet and fulfilling “yes” from your girl.  Here are some facts about 14K and 18K gold and platinum engagement rings.

  • 14K gold rings.  Starting with the least expensive ring will be best.  A 14K gold ring is typically the same in essence with the 18K or even the 21K gold variants.  The only real difference will be the amount of gold in it.  14K rings consist of about 50 to 60 percent of gold in it.  The gold content is mixed with other tough metals like copper or zinc.  This forms the entirety of the ring.  Now, 14K rings, obviously, are significantly cheaper than the 18K variant simply because of the gold content.  Nevertheless, the durability and shine is pretty much the same.  Also, like the 18K or 21K variants, the 14K can come in either yellow or white gold.
  • 18K. 18K rings are naturally more expensive than the 14K counterpart because of its higher gold content, approximately 75 percent or so.  The rest of the ring is comprised with hard alloys such as palladium, nickel, and zinc.  The gold content is the only difference between the two variants.  Both can come in yellow and white shades and both can be fitted with stones by way of a metal plate mounted on it.  If you are going with the traditional gold engagement ring, then you will definitely want to get the 18K variant since it has higher gold content.
  • Platinum.  This is considered to be the most expensive type of precious metal in the world.  It is way stronger, harder, and more scratch resistant than gold.  The reason for its high price is based on two factors: rarity and craftsmanship.  If you have the budget for it, this will be the cream of the crop when it comes to engagement rings.  Since the metal is harder than gold, it can truly accommodate a larger stone on it.  Hence, if you plan to surprise your future wife with a huge diamond engagement ring, then make sure to go with a platinum ring.

Now the metal for the ring is the first part of the selection process.  You will definitely have to consider other factors like the size of the diamond and the design of the engagement ring.  However, going with these precious metals should garner you an instant “yes” from the girl provided that she really does love you enough to marry you.


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