How To Choose an Unusual Place to Get Married

“Unusual” is a very subjective modifier. Getting married in the middle of a rice field may be unusual for me but it may not be unusual for you. The best way to come up with some ideas on unusual places to get married is by following certain factors. You and your partner should agree that this certain place is unusual for getting married yet still a perfect place for exchanging a promise of love.

  1. Talk and have an agreement with your partner. Both of you should agree that you don’t want any traditional place for getting married like the church, garden, or beside the beach. If your partner doesn’t want the “unusual place” idea, better convince him. Never go on with your plan if you can’t get his okay.
  2. Make a list of possible unusual places to get married. So you got his okay. Time to come up with possible unusual places. Ideally, these places should be those you’ll both be interested and be proud to get married at. For instance, if you like getting married at the middle of an ocean but he doesn’t like it, then don’t include that to your choices. If he likes getting married near a cemetery and you like that idea, then you definitely have to put that on your list.
  3. Trim down your unusual places choices. So you already have ten unusual places to choose from. Go over your list again and imagine getting married in each of those places. Will it be okay or not so okay? If you imagined zombies when you get married near a cemetery, better cross that out. Do this until only one unusual place is left.
  4. Check your best unusual place choice. Think it over again—is that place really the best unusual place to get married? You’re free to go over your top 10 or top 5 choices again if ever you want to change your mind. Never stop checking and rechecking until you are 100% sure that this is the place where you want to exchange vows.

Some Ideas

There are times that thinking of some strange places is not as easy as looking up at the ceiling. You need to tickle your imagination in order to come up with more creative ideas. Here are some ideal unusual places to get married:

  • Historical Place. Are you both history buffs? If yes, then one of the most famous historical spots in your town should be your choice. It will be an honor to be wed in such important spot in history.
  • Mountain Peak. Your gown will be ruined when you choose to be wed after hiking a high mountain. But you can use a helicopter to go to the top, isn’t it? It will be more romantic to be wed in this place while the sun rises or sets.
  • Carnival. If you and your partner have a special attachment to carnivals, then getting married in this place is a sweet idea.
  • Zoo. Love animals? Why not invite them to your wedding? If they can’t come to you, you can come to them and your wedding will be extra special.

The list of unusual places to get married is endless. You can exchange vows wherever you please. But keep in mind that even couples who got married in the strangest or most unusual places did not always have a happy ending. At the end of the special occasion in an unusual place, what remain important are your trust, faith, acceptance, and love for each other.


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