How To Choose Baby Furniture

Babies bring enormous joy to their parents and other members of the family. It is in this stage that they are very fragile and therefore, utmost care should be provided to them. Accidents do happen, but they can be prevented if parents choose the appropriate furniture and other accessories correctly.

Bassinet and Baby Cradle

Sleeping is needed to help new born babies grow. Comfort and safety should be considered in buying this furniture. A sturdy bassinet with a wide base is a good choice. Make sure that the slates are close together.

Like the bassinet, a baby cradle is also used during the first 4 to 6 months of a baby's life. Since a cradle rocks back and forth, aside from being sturdy, be sure that if there are wheels, these can be locked.

When buying a cradle or bassinet, consider the following tips: no rough edges on the inside; mattress fits snug and tight; and locks or latches that hold the legs in place are securely attached and well made if it's a folding model.


Cribs are normally used when the baby becomes more active. Still, baby's safety is the utmost concern when choosing a crib prior to its purchase. A convertible crib saves you from purchasing a toddler bed versus a standard one. A firm mattress that provides a good support is important. Peeling paint, rough corners, and edges with splinters are unacceptable features of a good and safe crib for your baby.

Changing Table

Changing diapers is a normal occurrence in a parent's life. The sturdiness of the design of a changing table is very important. Safety straps and guardrails ensure protection when your baby already knows how to roll-over.


Keeping organized also helps in ensuring the safety of the baby. To ensure that the baby does not pull the dresser on top of himself, bolt the dressers to the wall with a childproof kit.

High Chair

When babies become older, they become very active and curious. As always, safety is the most important consideration. As the baby tries to push his legs against the dining table, don't choose a high chair that has only a waist belt. There must be a strap between-the-legs attaching to the waist belt to prevent the baby from sliding out of the chair.

Toddler Beds

These small beds are the same size as the crib. They could be made of wood, plastics or metals. The safety consideration to be observed in toddler beds are as follows: There must be side rails to prevent your child from rolling in her/his sleep. For the toddler's easy climbing in and out of the bed, it should be low to the ground. The bed's frame should be strong enough to support an adult's weight. In this case, you can sit on the bed while you tuck them in at night.

Other tips to ensure baby's safety

  • Baby proof your household.
  • Hand me downs save money but caution should be considered. Lead-free paint and slates of cribs shouldn't be too far apart.
  • Hypoallergenic mattresses help reduce the risk of allergies or asthma.
  • Loose screws should be tightened because this can pose danger to infants.
  • Cribs should be stationed away from electrical plugs, extension cords, windows and curtains.


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