How To Choose Beach Wedding Flowers

Beach weddings are popular because many people feel that beaches are inherently romantic. Some people want a sunrise wedding on the beach. Others want a sunset wedding on the beach. Whichever time of day you want your wedding to happen on the beach, don’t forget to choose flowers that suit the kind of mood that you want to create for your wedding. This article discusses some ideas on how to choose flowers for your beach wedding.

Flowers are among the essential items to think about when you plan your wedding. Although the beach setting is already beautiful enough for your perfect wedding, throwing in the right mix and amount of flowers can make your event not just more beautiful but also memorable for you and your guests. If your money overflows, or if you have set aside a big slice of your savings for your wedding flowers, budgeting should not be an issue. But, if you have a specific budget in mind, you might want to think about flower-related matters.

Should you buy exotic flowers or common flowers? Many people find exotic flowers beautiful simply because they are exotic, and, therefore, are intriguing. Yet, exotic flowers generally cost more than the popular ones. Common flowers may be common - and relatively cheaper, too - but their commonness can be easily eclipsed by the way they are arranged, or by the beauty they create when mixed with a variety of other flowers, or simply by their numbers. You might want to consider a budget-friendly mix of exotic and common flowers. For example, you might want exotic flowers for the bride’s and her maids’ bouquets, as well as for the groom’s and his groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

What colors should you pick for your flowers? Your answer to this question will depend on many factors. Formality and simplicity are two factors. Traditional weddings have mostly-white flowers because white creates an air of formality and simplicity. Mood is another factor. If you want a cheerful and lighthearted mood to hover above your wedding crowd, you might want flowers whose colors pulsate with vibrancy. Compatibility with the theme is another factor. If you’re going for a Hawaiian theme, you might want to go for flowers that have tropical colors. Just make sure that flowers do not overpower other aspects of the wedding. For example, you would want flowers that complement, rather than shadow or compete with, the bride’s dress. And, you would not choose flowers whose colors make the groom’s attire blend with, and seem to disappear among, the background flowers.

How much flowers should you buy? Again, the answer to this question depends. Generally, you can get away with very few flowers at a beach wedding. If you are tight on the budget, you can try having more decorative plants than flowers. Though, you might want to keep the following traditional floral arrangements for your beach wedding: floral arch (which you can skip, if you like), the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, the flower girl’s flower basket, the groom’s and groomsmen’s corsages or boutonnieres, and table flowers for the reception.

If you are not confident about your selections for your beach wedding flowers, you can seek the help of a florist. Planning your wedding flowers with a professional florist can actually be fun, as the florist can offer you more options.

Your decisions on the presence or absence of flowers, as well as on their scarcity or abundance, at your wedding can either make or unmake your perfect beach wedding. So, choose your wedding flowers with care.


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