How To Choose Bridal Shower Games

Games make any party more fun, so is it any wonder that women like to play games even at bridal showers? It’s a great way to pass the time and to liven up a party. A bridal shower is unique because it’s a girl’s only party and one that lets the guests celebrate the bride to be.

When choosing games, let your creativity run loose. Games can be as wholesome or as raunchy as you’d like. Here are a few tips to help you choose bridal shower games.

  • Consider the theme of the party. If your bridal shower has a theme, try to incorporate that idea into the games that you have chosen. For example, if you have a bed and bath themed bridal shower, you can play charades or pictionary based on things found or done either in the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Find games that a group or teams can play. It’s more fun if everyone can join in rather than just two players. Divide the guests into teams and pit them against each other.
  • Do a trivia game. Make the questions about the bride and groom. Since it’s ladies only, go all out! Just don’t make the questions too inappropriate. Keep in mind you’re all there to have a fun time, especially the bride.
  • Think of children’s party games and make it grown up. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, make it pin the veil on the bride. Play musical chairs but place whoopee cushions on the seats to make it more hilarious. Do a relay race transferring a garter belt from one person to another by only using spoons in a person’s mouth. Look to what little kids play since grown ups can play it too!
  • Give prizes. What game isn’t complete without prizes? Kooky prizes are fun, so don’t worry about the cost. When you choose a game, consider the type and number of prizes you have on hand. Have individual prizes even if you have groups or teams winning. Even little loot bags or gift cards are appreciated and can raise the competitive element in your games. Go to the dollar store if you have one in your area and find some items you can use as prizes.
  • Make the bride the judge. Think of games that can place the bride center stage. For example, if you’re doing a trivia game, you can make the questions about her and her man. She can also serve as the judge when a decision is needed, or be the one to give the scores.
  • Incorporate music. If you have a videoke machine, do a sing off contest! Even if you don’t have a videoke machine, pop in an iPod and get a mike and get your guests to sing. It’s a fun game for the musically inclined and those vocally challenged. To make it more challenging, stop the songs at a part and the guests will have to guess the rest of the lyrics. If you really want to get it crazy, serve up some drinks!

Party games are fun, especially for a bridal shower. Be creative and leave inhibitions out the door. Follow these suggestions and you’ll have a smashing party that everyone will surely remember.


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