How To Choose Bridesmaid Dresses that Complement Every Figure

You do choose your bridesmaids for your wedding. But, rarely, if ever, do you choose them on the basis of their body shape or body size. Since you do not choose your bridesmaids on that basis, you can have an entourage of bridesmaids with different body shapes or sizes. Your attention now turns to the fact that your bridesmaids must wear dresses that are not only flattering to themselves and to those who look at them but also complementary to your own bridal dress. The challenge lies in the difficulty of finding a cut, style, shape, or design that will be uniform for each bridesmaid, yet will complement each one’s unique figure. This article discusses several tips and hints that you can consider when looking for dresses that complement every figure.

In this particular context, complementarity is a visually subjective exercise. Your goal, then, is to find a dress style, cut, or design that all of your bridesmaids can wear without making one or two stand out as odd or out of place.  First, take inventory of each bridesmaid’s height, body shape, and size. Identify potential aspects that can become problematic.

The weather condition at the time of the wedding can influence your choice of dress for your bridesmaids. You’ll realize that choosing bridesmaid’ dresses for a winter wedding will be much easier than choosing one for a summer wedding. During winter, it is necessary to wear thicker clothing, which can effectively cover up potential problematic aspects in your bridesmaids’ heights, body shapes, and sizes. The same is not necessarily true for weddings held under a sweltering 120-degree sun.

Bridal magazines and catalogs are great sources of ideas for the perfect dress for your bridesmaids. Check out the designs and styles. Look for designs that play down critical problematic aspects of your bridesmaids’ height, body shape, or size. The most common areas that will most likely challenge your visual aptitude are the bust, arms, stomach, hips, and butt. Some women have too much bust. Others have too much butt. Many others have extra long arms. You won’t want those eccentric features of one of your bridesmaids to stand out and make her look awkward when she lines up with the others.

While you are choosing the perfect dress for your bridesmaids, you probably will find the service of a dress specialist particularly helpful. More often than not, you have a friend who has a good eye with clothes. You can ask her or him to help you out in making the decision. There’s no harm in hiring a professional either.

For purposes of comparison and averaging, you can try having your largest and smallest bridesmaids put on the dress that you intend to choose. Together with your assistant, assess the visual impact of the dress style on the two bridesmaids. If the dress matches their body sizes, shapes, and heights, the dress will most likely fit the others who fall between the two extremes. As a matter of sensitivity and courtesy, never tell them that you chose them to try on the bridesmaids’ dresses because you want to evaluate how the dress looks when worn by the largest and smallest bridesmaid. They probably will freak out if you told them. Be prudent, though.

Among the many other items on the task list for your wedding preparations, choosing the right dress for your bridesmaids is one of the critical ones. You need to know how to choose well so that the dress that your bridesmaids wear will complement their respective figures and not go against your own dress.


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