How To Choose Decorations for a Winter Wedding

Winter is a beautiful season that is ideal for a beautiful wedding, with its wonderfully white environment that embraces your heart, ironically warming it with the holiday season ahead. It makes all colors pop out. If done correctly, a winter wedding with the right colors, ambiance and decorations can result in a winter wonderland—truly a fairytale come true. To learn more about how to choose the perfect decorations for a winter wedding, here are some easy steps that you can follow.

  1. Since winter is all about white, do not hesitate to use rich and deep colors such as deep red, deep blue, dark green and purple. These colors can give you a cozy and romantic appeal that is ideal for this kind of season. Choosing the right shades and hues is vital for a successful wedding decoration that you have always wanted. Furnish it with lots of candles for a perfect finish to your romantic winter wedding.
  2. Since winter is also a holiday season, it would be a great idea for you to use Christmas decorations. You can put a big Christmas tree at the center of the reception with a bunch of mistletoe here and there to surprise your guests. This will easily spread the love in the air, leaving your guests feeling warm and comfortable.
  3. Do not forget the flowers. Use seasonal flowers such as purple lilies, deep red poinsettias, evergreens and dark roses. Spread them in the area. Scatter rose petals on the wedding trails to add a more romantic touch. This will not only decorate your special day but it can also give out a wonderful fresh scent that will forever mark your memory.
  4. Do not be afraid to use touches of white on the decorations. Shower snow-like flakes and powder on the flowers and on the decorative fabric. This will be beautiful in the pictures. It will definitely show a winter theme in your wedding and can add a homely, rustic feel to this event.
  5. It will be extremely helpful if you browse through flea markets for more unique decorations. An antique shop is a great way to get classic ornamentals too.
  6. Golden hues and silver shades are great colors to use in chairs, tables and centerpiece.
  7. You really do not need to spend a lot of money in achieving the perfect winter wedding decorations. You can easily do most of the giveaways and decorative touches yourself. Ask help from your friends and loved ones for faster results.

These tips are truly effective and can definitely help you create the wedding of your dreams. Make sure that you carefully plan everything. Be organized and always opt for what you and your husband-to-be prefer, not what other people want. Remember, this is your wedding day, not theirs. If you have a budget already in place, it is important that you move around it, not above it. You would not want to start your married life with no money to spare. Good luck and have fun!


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