How To Choose Engagement Party Invitation Wording

Like your soon-to-be wedding celebration, an engagement party must also be carefully planned—from the engagement rings, the program, the guests, the food, the place and, of course, the invitation cards. Here are a few helpful choices on how to lay down the appropriate wording for your invitation cards so that your guests may know how they should dress, whether casually, formally or semi-formally. Read on.

Consider how casual or how formal your engagement celebration is going to be. Generally, the type of wording you use in your invitation should indicate the type of party you plan on throwing. The invitation wording should be dovetailed with the formality of the occasion so that the guests may dress accordingly for the event.

  • The casual approach. Generally, this is what’s used for most engagement celebrations in the modern time. This entails more of the couple’s personal character and relationship. Below are sample invitation wordings in the casual form.

    When friends close to your age will be hosting your party, a casual invitation wording typically goes like this.

    “Kris and Red are engaged… finally!
    Come celebrate with us on June 14 at 6 o’clock in the evening
    Smith Residence, 1056 8th Street, San Francisco, CA…”

    When you yourselves will be hosting the party, try this one.

    “We’re tying the knot! Come and join us and celebrate with a cocktail party this coming Friday night, March 7 at Andy’s Tavern 413 1068-1 De Ville Street, Los Angeles, CA…”

  • The semi-formal approach. Also a favorite in modern engagement parties, this type is usually used whenever the party-throwers are older acquaintances, such as your aunt and uncle or close associates of your parents.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Smith welcome you to attend an engagement party for Drew Evers and Tina Scott this coming Saturday, May 14, at 3:00 pm at the Smith residence 1378  15th Street Ziga Avenue, San Jose, CA…”

  • The formal approach. If your parents prefer being elegant and sophisticated, the traditional invitation wording may suit them. This style usually comprises a formal choice of words, the title or position of the hosts and the couple’s legal names.

    “Engr. and Mrs. Antoine Graham warmly invite you to a luncheon get-together for the engagement celebration of their daughter, Brianna Joanne, to Chris Devin Jones on Sunday, May 4th, at 11 o’clock am at the Weeping Fig Restaurant, 13 Nixon Avenue, Milwaukee, WI…”

Whatever your theme is for your engagement party, let your invitation wording relate to it.

You may try seeking online assistance for your selection of invitation wording. The following sites will be very helpful. With a simple click on your mouse, you will find a variety of free samples of engagement party invitation wording.

After the necessary exposure on the different styles of invitation wording you’ve researched, take your pick and try adding your personal touch to it. This creates a more laid-back and relaxed appeal to your invitation.

Wedding bells will soon be ringing! After having made it through writing your engagement invitations, it’ll be a lot easier for you to write ones for your upcoming wedding. Have fun writing your invitations! Congratulations and best wishes!


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