How To Choose Flowers for the Groom's Boutonnière

A wedding day is one of the most important days that can happen to a person. This is a day when everything must be in perfect place and setting. Most of the planning, from the motif to the flowers, is done by the bride. One of the most important parts of the ceremony is the flowers. While the bride has her own flowers to hold during the ceremony, the groom also has a flower of his own. Yes, the groom and his men have flowers, too. This may be the only time a groom will ever wear a flower and the only time he will have the responsibility of wearing one. The boutonniere is attached on the lapel of the husband-to-be and his groomsmen. Though the ladies do the purchasing of the flowers, it is the groom’s responsibility to make sure the men of the entourage are wearing the flower. It is important that the boutonnieres are chosen accordingly with the theme of the occasion. In choosing the flowers for the boutonniere of the broom, here are some tips:

  • Decide whether you will get a florist or you will have to choose and purchase the flowers yourselves. Though it would be better to have a florist, if you can afford one, so that a little weight will be taken off your shoulders. Usually, the florist will have an idea on what flower and color will be purchased according to the designs and colors of the gown, or in short, the entire theme. It is best to coordinate with your florist. But, if you think you don’t need or can’t afford one, then match the flowers that you will choose with the color of the wedding gown or the entire motif.
  • The boutonnieres signify the closeness of the groomsmen towards the groom, which is why there should be uniformity among the boutonnieres. Among the flowers, the groom's should be a little different from the groomsmen's. But, that does not mean the groom will have a different color from the rest. Just add a little décor to the boutonniere of the groom.
  • The flower must be well matched with the bride’s bouquet. It is also nice to pick a blossom kind of flower, such as rosebuds and (white) carnation. There are actually different meanings for different flowers. For example, a red rose signifies love, white lily means purity, and daffodil symbolizes unrequited love. Be careful in choosing the flowers and their colors because they may mean negatively. For example, yellow carnation means rejection.
  • Make sure that before the wedding starts, the boutonniere should be properly pinned on the groom’s left lapel closest to his heart. The placement is a strong symbolism of the groom’s love for his wife-to-be.

Choosing flowers may sound so simple, but the truth is it is not as simple as it seems. The smallest details up to the most important parts of the wedding are best decided heartily. Every part of the wedding ceremony has its significance for the whole occasion because the wedding is very sacred and should be valued and honoured.


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