How To Choose Flowers for the Mother of the Bride

The wedding day of one's daughter may be the most dreadful or the happiest moment, or both, in the life of the parent. Though it may happen once in a parent’s lifetime and is expected to happen, still the emotion that comes with the event is understandable. Seeing one’s child going to the arms of another is quite emotional to the parents of the bride. And, the most emotional between the two parents is the mother.

Aside from the bride, the bride’s mother is the one who is probably most stressed out due to the wedding plans and preparations. She, along with the wedding planner and the bride, is responsible for almost everything that is part of the nuptial. That is why it is best that her role should not be left unappreciated. She may not be the bride or one of the bridesmaids, but she is still part of the ceremony, that is why choosing flowers for her should be given much attention. In this article, you will discover tips on how to choose flowers for the bride’s mother.

  • It has been a habit of every bride to scan through wedding magazines and search the Web for ideas for their wedding gown or the wedding itself. For the flowers, you should also do the same thing so that you will have an idea what flowers will go along with the concept of the wedding.
  • The color of the flower for the wife-to-be’s mother should be matched with the flowers for the entire wedding. It is best that when you purchase flowers for the wedding decors, bridesmaids, and the bride, include also the flowers for the mother so that there will be uniformity. A corsage for the mother would be nice so that her flower is placed differently from that of the bridesmaid.
  • Consult your florist or wedding planner as to what flowers should be fitting for the bride’s mother. It is also best to consult your mother about her idea of what her flower would likely to be. Ask her if she wants to have it as a corsage or a bouquet.
  • It is also best to consider first the budget for the flowers. Before choosing a flower for the mother, it is best that you already have chosen the flowers for the bride and bridesmaids. It won’t be good if the mother has the best flowers while the other members of the entourage, especially the bride, are quite simple and less extravagant than the mother's.

In choosing flowers, make sure you know the significance or meaning of the flowers. The color, the kind or flower, the arrangement, everything should be well planned and be given utmost attention. They may not be as important as the wedding ring, but still it is part of the wedding so it should not be taken for granted. Matching and meaning are the keys in choosing flowers. Remember, she may be the bride’s mother, but she is not the bride! The flowers for the mother should be a little bit different from the bridesmaids's flowers. Just don’t overdo the flowers for the bride’s mother.


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