How To Choose Popular Flowers for Wedding Arrangements

Flowers and weddings are always a standard combination. Especially in the wedding day, it is in no way bad to spend a bit more on some splendid flowers, overflowing with symbolism of everlasting love and passion. Therefore, choosing the flower that will symbolize your wedding day is such a big decision. To help you in making your choice, here is a list of the most popular flowers for wedding arrangement.

  1. Roses. Roses are always the considered the most intimate expression of love, but this can never be dismissed as cliché. Roses come in different colors; the most well-known are red, white and pink, and every color has a different symbol. Depending on its use, it is your prerogative what kind of rose you will utilize. Nonetheless, roses are considered a staple in weddings and it is a necessity to have them.
  2. Tulips. Symbolizing “happy years” and “consuming love”, the tulip is another wedding staple because of its affordability. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and because of its versatility, it can be used as bouquets and as table decors.
  3. Calla Lilies. Although most calla lilies come in cream white color, they also have yellow, purple and orange varieties. More often than not, they are used for tall arrangements or presentation-style bouquets.  Their long stem presents an elegant aura, and their open, trumpet-like petals bring out their expressive but simple beauty.
  4. Lily of the Valley. Its beauty is amplified because of its dangling, upside-down petals, hanging from a small stem. Its scent is almost heavenly. Because if this effect, it is often called a ‘stairway to heaven’. Although it is almost always available round the year, it is very expensive. Nonetheless, you can still consider putting a couple of flowerets as centerpieces or place them in a bouquet, and let the lily of the valley brag its own beauty.
  5. Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are often used as fillers in the bouquet and in boutonnieres because of its affordability. Although scentless, they are ubiquitous in every wedding flower arrangement, and they can even be used as decorations in more casual events. Depending on the theme of your wedding or your own personal taste, you can choose between its varieties of white, green, blue, pink, and burgundy.
  6. Ranunculus. Because of its affordability, ranunculus is often used as an alternative for more expensive flowers such the rose. Multi-petalled and mild-scented, it is used in bridal bouquet and bridesmaid nosegays, and may even be utilized as boutonniere with a cute effect. It comes in white, pink, orange and yellow, much like the more expensive tropical orchid. It symbolizes ‘charming beauty” in Victorian language.
  7. Peony. Its large, overwhelmingly expressive blossom emanates a strong perfume-like scent, which concretizes its sense of independence and completeness. A bunch of peonies can be used as bouquet, and may be used as an awe-striking centerpiece. Although florists tag them as expensive and cheaper only in late spring and early summer, the peony is worth the buy.

You can choose between the flowers listed above if you choose to be conservative. However, if you are the deviant type, you can opt to choose more unconventional flowers, which are not listed. Either way, flowers are one of the small but significant details that can put the personal and memorable glitz in one of the most memorable days of your life.


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