How To Choose Registry Items for a Kosher Kitchen

Kosher is a term that is used to refer to food that is acceptable or properly prepared according to Jewish tradition. The tradition of kosher foods is a very long one, stemming from a list that has been written as early as in the Book of Leviticus. Kosher foods also follow various rules on seasons, events, and preparation. Some foods may be kosher during Passover, and not for the rest of the year. Some food may be kosher only when prepared the right way. If you are planning on observing this tradition, you need to register yourself for a kosher kitchen before your wedding. Here’s how.

  • Observance. First of all, you need to determine just how strictly you will observe the tradition of eating only kosher food. There are some Jewish people who stick to the letter of the laws on kosher, while there are also some Jews who have begun to selectively observe kosher. The degree of strictness that you will follow when observing the kosher rules is very important. If you will follow the rules strictly, then you will need a lot of kosher items jus to finish your kosher kitchen.
  • Coding the kitchen ware. Next, try to use a coding system to ensure that you are following the kosher rules. There are actually rules on separating the kitchen wares and table wares to be used for dairy products, and those that are to be used for meat products. This means that you may not use the same knives, plates, spatulas, pans, et cetera for meat if you have already used them for dairy products. Usually, you can search for items that are colored red, to indicate that they are used for meat. Blue colored kitchen and table ware are usually used to refer to items that may be used for dairy products.
  • Stick to the basics. When you visit a shop that sells kosher kitchen products, you will see that there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of items that you need to just to have a complete and comprehensive kitchen that is kosher. Remember, however, that some of these items are very expensive. Because of this, you should stick to the basics only so that you will not burden your wedding guests too much. Do not expect the wedding guests to purchase the most expensive items for your kitchen. Even if they want to, there are financial constraints on their part that they must simply consider. Unless you have very affluent guests, it is best to stick to the basics of a kosher kitchen. You will need to complete the kitchen on your own, bit by bit after the wedding.
  • Shop based registering. There are also some wedding registries and wedding gift shops that are based on tradition. For example, Judaica is a Jewish shop where guests can easily find kosher products. By registering based on these shops, you can ensure that the guests will be able to easily find the kosher items that you need for your kitchen.

Building a kosher kitchen can be very tough. By starting it with your wedding gifts, you should be able to get a good head start when it comes to kosher kitchen ware. These steps should help you do this.


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