How To Choose Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring weddings are the choice for many people. Spring symbolizes new life, and is the most romantic season for many people. If you are planning a spring wedding, here's how you can choose the spring wedding flowers.

  • Color combinations. Before even thinking of which flowers to use, you need to determine the color palette for your wedding itself. The last thing you want is to find out that your wedding flowers clash with the color palette of the night, including the colors that you have chosen for your wedding gown. One of your advantages with a spring wedding is that there are plenty of flowers that are in bloom during this season. This means that there will be flowers available for you whatever color palette and color combination you decide to stick with.
  • Limit your choices. Once you have the color palette in mind, the next step is to narrow down the flowers themselves. If you want a white wedding, for instance, you can stick to lilies, casa blancas, delphiniums, narcissus, et cetera. The colors are not the only factor that will limit your flower choice, however. You should also consider the size of the flowers. Generally, the rule is that you should have at least two flower types that complement in each other in size. This means that one of the flowers should be small, while the other type of flower should be much larger. Or, one flower should be simple, while the other flower should be more complex.
  • Season. Also determine the flowers that are in season in your area. Choosing flowers that are in season and flowers that grow locally will not only give your wedding a local and timely touch, but will also help you maintain your wedding budget. Locally grown flowers are usually much less expensive, since you will no longer have to transport them from other countries or other states. Keep in mind that when it comes to flowers, the transportation cost and the rarity of the flower will determine just how expensive the flowers will be.
  • Use. Also try to think up of how you will actually use the flowers. Will you use the flowers for corsets, as a bouquet for the flower maids, as a table centerpiece? The purpose of the flower will also determine what type of flower you will need for the wedding. If you are planning on using flowers as a centerpiece, the flowers need to be relatively large and relatively plentiful so that it will stand out prominently on the table. If you will use the flowers only as a corset, on the other hand, you should stick to smaller and simpler flowers that will not overpower the dress of whoever is using the corset.
  • Classics. Finally, also consider sticking to spring wedding classics, such as the rose. The rose comes in a variety of colors, and has long been favored because of its scent, its appearance, and the romantic connotations behind the rose.

Flowers are basic ingredients to a beautiful wedding. With these in mind, you should be able to choose exactly what types of flowers you need to purchase for your spring wedding.


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