How To Choose Stuffed Toys for Your Baby

Playing is not just smiling, bouncing, pouring, lifting, jumping, thumping or running – there’s more to what the kids do and to what happens during playtime. Playing is the time when a child’s creativity and imagination is opened up. It makes him open to the real environment. His toys, specifically stuffed toys like stuffed dolls or stuffed bears, can help develop his emotions such as his ability to care and value something. Your baby might initially develop a connection with his toys, which can play the role of an imaginary friend or pet. 

In the same way, it can also help him to act out different roles be it as a mother, sister or whatever relationship your baby intends. For this reason, you should know how to choose stuffed toys for your baby that can help in his development. Of course, the toys that you will choose must not pose danger on his safety. As such, to help you in choosing, here are simple and handy tips that you can consider.    

How safe are those stuffed toys?

Safety is the topmost concern that you should consider in choosing baby toys. Those dogs and bears do look cute, warm and cuddly for your little dear but how safe are they? To answer that question, you can consider this checklist.

  1. Check out the eyeballs and nose. These features are usually made of buttons, beads and other small things that can be plucked out or can be pulled off by your baby. They may chew or swallow it, but you surely don’t want it to happen. Those objects might also be used for the clothing of the toy. In such case, see to it that it is tightly and securely sewn or glued to avoid the danger of being chewed or swallowed.
  2. Strings and wires are among the materials commonly used for plush stuffed toys. The strings must not be long enough for your baby to pull out. The same is true of the wires that can poke out of the toy, be it stuffed dolls, stuffed bears or other animals. Such cases can injure your baby, so as much as you can, stay away from strings and wires that are not properly and securely stuffed.
  3. Mites can breed on stuffed toys, which can aggravate the health of your dear one, especially if your baby is prone to allergies and asthma. Washing the plush toy is one way of removing and preventing mites.

 How old is your baby?

Stuffed toy manufacturers specify the suited age for their products. Better check it first before buying. Toys that are too advanced for your baby might prove to be more harmful than useful, so it’s still best to consider the recommendations specified for the toy.

Is the toy educational?

Aside from mere playing, it is a good thing for children to learn new skills and knowledge, especially through the toys you give them.  

These factors are just a few of the factors that you need to consider on how to choose stuffed toys for your baby. You may be tempted to give your baby all the stuffed toys that you find cute and suited for your baby, but that can also pose danger since the pile of toys can have the tendency to suffocate your baby. Thus it is better to just give him a few that he can easily handle and play with. Remember, too much of something is bad especially for your baby.


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