How To Choose the Perfect Groomsmen Gift

So here you are, busily checking all the preparations being done for your wedding. You are crossing out each item that have been already been accomplished when, oops, your eyes landed on the item that says gifts for the wedding party. You may find it easier to buy gifts for the bridesmaids and the maid of honor. However you may have to think more when it comes to preparing the perfect gift for the groomsmen. Although they may have limited participation during the wedding planning they should be appreciated for giving their time to you and even spending for the suit they will wear to your wedding. Here are some ideas that can help you give the perfect groomsmen gift.

  1. Learn more about your groomsmen.  They may be friends and relatives of your groom. If that is the case then he will be your best source of information to find out their hobbies and interests and favorite pastimes. The gifts that you should give should be something meaningful and useful and those that can be treasured. Do not choose just any gift for the sake of fulfilling this tradition. Gift cards are useful to anyone but that does not convey sincerity and thoughtfulness.
  2. Most men do not wear cufflinks everyday but they do so on special occasions. If your groomsmen will be wearing tuxedos for your wedding, consider getting them cufflinks that they can use on your wedding day. A nice touch would if you can have them engraved with their initials. This will mean that you put a lot of thought to the gift by having them personalized.
  3. Money clips are also very useful. Look for those that combine practically with a bit of whimsy and uniqueness.  There are several sellers online that ship the day after you have placed and paid for your order. You can have their monograms engraved on these items.
  4. A good quality dress shirt they can wear with their tuxedos can also be an ideal gift for the groomsmen. Rented tuxedos usually come packaged with an ordinary shirt. Present your groomsmen with the dress shirts for a practical gift that they can use for other occasions.
  5. Unless your groomsmen have expensive tastes in wristwatches, a good dress watch or a more practical leather or metal-strapped watch for each of your groomsmen will be a cherished gift that can last for a long time. You may spend more for this kind of gift but think of this as a chance to make up for all the birthdays of your best friends where you failed to get them even a simple gift.
  6. A good executive pen will also be a very good gift for your groomsmen. There are a bunch of well-crafted executive pens in different designs that your groomsmen will be proud to display and use.
  7. For those who love to have a drink at home, you can get them barware items such as shot glasses, unique and personalized beer mugs, and a set of fine wine glasses or a fine crystal wine decanter. They will definitely remember where they came from and who gave them these gifts.
  8. Handy and practical items to suit each individual can also make your groomsmen happy and thankful to receive a gift from you. A businessman will always have a use for a good, slim business card holder. A multi-purpose pocketknife is a practical and useful gift for all your groomsmen. For those who love to putter in the house during weekends you can get them a toolbox with a handful of tools. You can also look at unique desk organizers where they can place on their bedside table to hold their wallet, change, keys and cell phones.
  9. Electronic gadgets are also very useful and will make perfect gifts for all your groomsmen. Check their interests. You may get them MP3 players preloaded with some of their favorite music. That will really surprise them.

Prepare to spend around thirty to over a hundred dollars for each groomsman. It is better to give a gift of excellent quality and with practical uses than giving an expensive one that can wow the recipient initially but will be rendered as useless junk later.


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