How To Choose the Perfect Save the Date Announcement

Save the Date Options and Things to Consider

Save the date announcements are a wonderful way to let all of your wedding guests, family and friends know about the date of your upcoming wedding well in advance.  Save the date cards or magnets are typically sent out six to eight months ahead of time, and their main purpose is just to let your guests know the date of the wedding so that they can clear their calendars for your wedding date.

So how do you choose the best save the date announcement for your wedding?  There are four main things to consider when choosing save the date cards or other type of announcement.

1.  The style and type of wedding that you are planning.  Even if you are planning a super traditional wedding, you can stick to the traditional for your actual invitation.  Wedding save the date announcements are less traditional, so you can feel free to use your imagination and some of your own personal style.  If you are planning a breezy outdoor June wedding at the beach, use beach-themed graphics for your save the date announcement.  If you got engaged at the zoo, consider a fun zoo themed magnet for your save the date card.

2.  City and/or location of the wedding.  If you're getting married in Las Vegas, why not send a deck of playing cards with your wedding information on the cards?  A New York City wedding could be announced with a postcard that has a cityscape image on it.  Is your local town famous for horse breeding?  Consider including a horse theme when you announce the date and location of your wedding.  Anything that is large enough to state the names of the bride and groom as well as the date of the wedding is fair game for creating a fun and fresh save the date announcement.

3.  Time and Budget.  Of course, budget is a factor to consider at each step of the wedding planning process.  If you are limited, consider sending out an email.  The only time involved is the time it takes to design the card and assemble the email addresses.  You can be just as creative with the graphics and theme on an email, if not more so, as you can with an actual mailed out save the date announcement.  Postcards are also a more budget friendly option, since you do not have to have an outer envelope.  Postage on postcards is also less expensive.  A couple who is less limited on their budget can be free to buy more themed items and have them personalized with save the date information.  Save the date magnets and save the date cards are probably two of the most popular save the date ideas these days.

4.  Fun.  While wedding invitations are ruled by etiquette and traditions, save the date cards are a great chance for the bride and groom to have fun and use their imagination.  When deciding what type of save the date cards to purchase and send out to your guests, keep fun in mind.  Save the date cards, magnets or postcards are more fun if you use your imagination and your history together to decide on the style and design.  Whimsical save the date announcements like matchbox cars or mint tins are just a few ideas.  Pinwheels like the ones children blow to make them twirl around can be hand-painted with wedding information.  Photo strips like the type you get with four photos going down can be planned out with you and your future spouse holding signs with a message to your guests about the date of the wedding.  Anything that you can dream up can be used as a save the date, so don't forget to be creative and have a good time.

The perfect save the date announcement can vary from couple to couple as much as the story of how they fell in love.  Put your favorite quote on the announcement or include a picture you took right after you got engaged.  Announce the wedding date on a piece of personalized chocolate candy made especially for the occasion, or stick to a more traditional cardstock announcement.  Whatever you decide, remember to have fun and to include the date and any other information such as your wedding website address when sending out save the date announcements.

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