How To Choose Types of Child Safety Gates

Year by year, more and more babies and children die due to injuries caused by fall, accidents, drowning, etc. Lucky are those who survive from this life threatening injuries, but those who do not become a statistic of the ever growing number of deaths. These happen when your child reaches the age of six months onwards wherein they start to discover their abilities. When your baby starts to crawl and climb, it is here where the trouble starts! Your child’s innocence and curiosity may lead him to dangerous places in the house like the fire place, the stairway, pool, etc. and God forbid what might happen to him!

These foreseeable accidents can be prevented by giving more attention to your child, but we must admit this cannot be done all the time. You can try employing gadgets or accessories, like a child safety gate. It is made of plastic, wood or steel. It is an easy to fit, do it on your own accessory specially designed to protect your baby or child from dangers, and it comes in different sizes and beautiful designs to add beauty to your house. These accessories are offered by Lindam, Kidco, Evenflo companies and many others. You can access the net for this and for the best price.

You can choose from any of the following accessories, which are available in the market today:

  1. Stair gate - a type of child safety gate to protect your child from falling down the stairs and when going up. Either way, your child might get hurt!  This can be installed at the top or bottom of your stairway.
  2. Fireplace gate - made of steel and designed for installing in front of a fireplace to prevent your baby or child from getting near the fireplace, thus preventing them from getting burned.
  3. Pet gate - a metal gate installed in house openings to prevent your child or baby or your pet from getting near each other for your child’s safety from animal scratches or even dog bites.
  4. Retractable gate - used on spaces where there is a need to install a gate. A typical gate cannot be installed because the space is so small preventing it from swinging it open.
  5. There are other types of child safety gates like the extra-wide soft gate, which is made up of soft fabric and mesh and can be carried with you when you go on an outing; while the kid shield transparent balcony and stair barrier is used to protect your child from falling when installed on rail openings.

Another safety accessory that you can buy aside from a child safety gate, to stop you from worrying when your baby or child is left alone in the room, is a window guard. This can be attached to any type of window. It can also be detached easily in case of emergency.

The safety gate is just a stopgap measure to lessen the possibility of your baby from getting hurt, but there is no substitute for a parent’s affection towards your baby. The attention that you devote to your child gives a personal touch and endears you more to him instead of relying mainly on these mechanical devices to protect them. 


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