How To Choose Wedding Bells for a Silver Anniversary

A wedding is an event that shows love and happiness among couples. The wedding bells, the flowers and decorations, the brides’ maid with their gowns, fill the atmosphere with joy. Ever since, wedding bells have constituted a vital part of wedding accessories. They are very sacred, as they signify the entrance of holy communion. The importance of bells is viewed in different ways depending on one’s culture and tradition. During the ancient times, bells were used to sound every hour of the day. Delicate bells were used to call the attentions of people for worships and announcements like birth of kings or end of wars. Despite the fact that time changes, still the meaning of wedding bells remains the same. A majority of couples prefer to look for wedding bells that will be in line with their wedding motif, especially if it is for the purpose of celebrating their silver anniversary.

So, if you want to surprise your parents in their unforgettable wedding, don’t just concentrate with wedding rings, wedding invitations or wedding decorations.
Here are the different wedding bells you can choose from:

  • Silver and Gold Tie-On Bells.  This bell is ¾” tall. Usually you can purchase at $4 to $5 a piece. You can also dye the ribbon so that it could match your wedding color. Hence, this wedding bell will really add some festive ambience in your wedding favors.
  • Bell Shaped Table Cards. How would you love to add some bells in your card with a special message or quotations for your guests? This bell shaped table cards will surely help you in creating a tender spirit for your guests. It measure 5 by 4” with 2 available colors – gold or silver. If you have $7 in your pocket, you can now buy and add it to your wedding centerpiece.
  • Tall Favor Bells. Each silver bell measures 3 ¾” tall. Usually if you buy this kind of bell, ribbons are sold separately. You can buy the bell alone with at $6 dollars. With its high demand in the market you can be sure that tall favor bells could add something new in your wedding.
  • Silverplated Bells. You wouldn’t want to miss this personalized bell. You can use it alone, decorate it the way you want it to be or give it to your guests as a give away in your wedding anniversary. Everyone will certainly treasure this wonderful wedding keepsake. With only $3 dollars you can now manage to pay for the silverplate bells.
  • Wedding Bells. These are 1.5” metal bells with 24 cards. Each card has poems that will inspire you guests. Make your wedding anniversary a poetic one with this kind of bell. For only $6, let your visitors enjoy reading the inspiring poems with the wedding bells as part of your decoration.
  • Silver Plated Heart Handled Bell.  The sound of the bell followed by the announcement of the names can identify those that are close in your heart. For this reason, you might want to include this bell as one of your wedding accessories. Make it personalized by putting your initials for only $8.

Wedding bells play a role that seems to be very important among the couples. They are not just ordinary wedding decorations in your wedding day or anniversary, which means you, should always be wise enough in choosing one.


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