How To Choose Wedding Shower Games

Wedding preparations can be very nerve-racking so that at times the bride and groom-to-be are filled with anxiety all throughout the preparation stage up to the big day. That said, what the couple especially the bride needs is an occasion to ease the stress away. This is where wedding or bridal showers come into the picture. While wedding showers are said to have originated from dowry practices, today’s wedding showers are intended to help the couple establish their future home together, and give them a relaxed, entertaining, and memorable time with people they hold dear prior to the big wedding day. If you are hosting a wedding shower, you should know that it is not complete minus interesting games. To help you choose what kind of games to play, consider the following points.

  1. Find out who the attendees will be. If you want all your guests to enjoy and take part in the games, you need to come up with ideas that are appropriate for all ages of those who are invited. It would be unsuitable to prepare a list of energetic games if majority of the guests are of the older generation. For the younger generation, games that are rather fitting for the older ones would make the planned entertainment quite boring. Know if the parents or families of both the bride and groom will be present. Some wedding showers are held exclusively for the bride and the bride’s family or friends. If the groom-to-be is gracing the occasion, find games that he could take part in. While it is definitely time for fun and celebration, avoid embarrassing games that will make either of the couple or both parties’ families uncomfortable.
  2. Consider the venue. A wedding shower can be held either indoors or outdoors. It could be at home, at a restaurant, at a beach resort, at a spa or anywhere else. If the chosen venue is outdoors like the beach, do not restrict your choice of activities to parlor games that ideal for limited space.
  3. Choose games according to the party’s theme. Like any other parties, a wedding shower can have a theme. Match your choice of games to the theme whether it is cocktail, tea party, travel or honeymoon, spa and beauty, bed and breakfast, kitchen, recipe or food, lingerie, around the clock, color, or birthstone theme. Complementing your games to the theme not only adds spice but also helps you pick the right kind of games for the occasion. A tea party or cocktail theme for instance is rather a sophisticated theme where you can decide on more relaxed but creative games for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Get ideas from the couple. To make the event more special for the couple, go for games that are a lot related to their penchants and personalities. Games that will highlight more information about the couple and how they found each other will be interesting for all guests and will bring back fond memories to the couple.

While the occasion is intended for the bride and groom, the purpose of wedding shower games is primarily entertainment for all. Encourage everyone to participate so the guests will come to know one another. Do not forget that for every game someone will win and another will lose. Prepare bridal shower favors or prizes for each winner and include enjoyable consequences for those who lose.


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