How To Comfort Your Spouse when They Get Laid Off

With the unfortunate event of the ongoing global economic crisis, you will certainly hear many stories about people being laid off from work. This may be happening to a friend, or worst, it might be happening to your spouse as well. This is not an easy thing to manage and neither is it easy to accept. However, getting ballistic and giving up is never the solution. Instead, you and your spouse must work hand in hand to get through this tough time.

Here are a few ways on how you can manage and comfort your spouse during these unwanted instances.

  • Be a good listener. This is not your time to blabber and nag. Instead, it is the best time for you to sharpen your listening skills. Allow your spouse to let go of all the frustrations and worries.
  • Provide comfort. When your spouse has let go of all emotions, worries and frustrations, this is your time to talk. Remember there is a fine line between expressing concern and nagging. So be careful with what you have to say. Comforting words would always work best for spouses who are feeling down. Assure your spouse that you will always be around to support.
  • Allow your spouse some time to heal. Do not take it too hard on your spouse. Let him be a coach potato for some time and allow him to do what he would want just to let go of his feelings. Time will heal your spouse’s depression and let him have the time to do so.
  • Encourage a brand new start. When you notice that, your spouse is getting better as the days go by you can slowly talk about possibilities of finding a new job. It may not be the same career path as what your spouse had previously, but give more options. There are several options for work despite the economic crisis. All you need to do is help your husband see the things in a broader aspect.
  • Learn to do cost cutting. It would be best that you learn to budget now that finances is steep. Involve your entire family in this and make them understand that there is a need to sacrifice. Make sure that you do not forgo your responsibilities -- mortgage, debt, credit card bills and the like. Mounting debt and delinquent payments will be much of a trouble. Therefore, find other areas in which you can cut down your expenses.

Nothing is impossible when you have someone to work hand in hand with you. The same goes when problems like these occur. The wheel is always turning. Although you and your spouse may be down and troubled, there is always a way up. With these tips and a great effort to support each other all the time, you and your spouse will make it through. All you have to do is to stay together.


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