How To Communicate Better with Your Wife

They say that women can be hard to understand. You’ll only realize that once you have a wife. And for sure, you know that this statement is true. Women can be hard to understand if, only if, you don’t know how to communicate with them in a better way. Once you know how to communicate with your wife better, you’ll see how this will help for a happier married life.

Try using these tips to better communicate with your wife:

  • Listen. A good communicator is always a good listener. Being a good listener will be very helpful in understanding what your wife really wants. Most women are so hard to understand because they are usually emotional. For instance, your wife will tell you she feels being neglected. But what have caused to make her feel being neglected? Maybe you’re too busy working or you forgot some of your small promises. Listening to her may not really make her tell what have caused her to feel neglected. Most of the time, she won’t understand why she felt that way in the first place. But listening will help you figure out the real problem.
  • Be clear about your goal on why you want to communicate better with your wife. Why you want to better communicate with your wife, anyway? Do you want to understand what she’s going through? Or are you in dispute and you know and you are so sure that you are right. You can’t communicate better with your wife if you want to point out whose fault it is. Clear out everything so both of you will end up with a good solution that will be beneficial for the two of you.
  • Speak calmly but comprehensibly to your wife. You can’t get better communication if you scream, whisper, or mumble. You will not be understood and you will just end up hating each other more.
  • Accept realities. Your wife may not always agree with what you think. That’s reality in every relationship—there is a mixture of different opinions and views. You can’t do anything about that but you can at least accept that reality. That will help you better communicate with your wife because you won’t expect your wife to always agree with you.
  • Make sure your wife understood your point. Ask her to say your point again to see if she understands it the way you want her to be. If not, repeat your point. This will be helpful to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Inspire your wife to be more open about what she feels. Being open to her suggestions, feelings, and ideas will make her feel that you value what she thinks. For instance, if your wife suggests something, be enthusiastic about it. That will give her a hint that you like her idea and so, she will continue talking about it. This is a good start to have a more open communication between the two of you.

The fact that you are reading this means that you are willing to initiate a better communication with your wife. Start doing all these tips but remember, your wife’s participation for better communication is very important. That is why encouraging her to be more open to you will be a great help.


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