How To Communicate Effectively with a Teenage Daughter

Teenage life is the most complicated part of her life for your daughter. But it can both be the most exciting and the scariest for you. How will you handle this very critical stage in your child’s life? An effective means to communicate with your teenage daughter will help a lot.

But how can you efficiently communicate with your teenage daughter, especially if she’s the typical teen—confused, hates her parents, and rebellious? The following tips can be helpful:

  • Watch for hints. You can tell if there is something going on with your teenage daughter. The change in fashion, change in interests, and change in how she talks can all tell you if your daughter is changing for the better or for the worse. Watch out for these hints like too much make-up, very revealing clothes, and talks angrily. There must be something wrong. Observe her for some days until you know what’s wrong. Remember, problem identified is problem half-solved. Once you know what’s really going on with your daughter, you can devise a plan on how to successfully talk with her.
  • Be her friend. Remember the good old phrase that when your child is a baby, you should be her best playmate, when she started going to school, you should be her best disciplinarian, and when she becomes a teenager, you should be her best friend? This simple phrase should guide you through your parenthood. It’s not only that this phrase is written on scriptures but science proved these to be true.
  • Build trust. What’s wrong with most parents is that they keep on judging their daughters based on their doubts. Most of these doubts are baseless and are only from their gut feel. Imagine how you will feel if your parent is accusing you of something you don’t even think of doing. You’ll feel terrible and you’ll feel your parents don’t trust you. That is why building trust is very important. Tell your daughter you trust her that’s why you’re permitting her to go out with friends. But, make sure she will be responsible for this trust, too. Like she should go back home before the curfew hours, etc.
  • Know what her interests are and join her doing what she likes. What does you daughter like to do? Maybe she likes shopping, experimenting make-up, or designing clothes. Join her in these activities and your daughter will not only enjoy your moment together but you’ll get to know you child better, too.
  • Listen. How will your daughter understand you if you don’t know how to listen? Listening means understanding what your daughter is talking about. For instance, if you caught her breaking your rules, then talk to her. Listen why she did that. Maybe she didn’t mean to break your rules. You’ll never understand that if you are angry and never let her explain her side.
  • Control your temper. You are more mature than your child. And your child is most probably immature by now. So, you should be the one holding your temper and not your child. As much as possible, never let your anger blow everything off. That will cause trauma and life-long wrong impression about you. If you feel like you’re bursting, try to drink water and deeply breathe. These should help you feel relaxed.

Raising a teenage daughter may not be that difficult compared to raising a teenage son. But nothing will be difficult for a parent who is ready to give out all her support, understanding, and love for her daughter.


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